Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ch...)

Rachel smiles at you seductively. “This porno is rubbish, we should make our own!”

You smile at your girlfriend. “Oh yeah, we could do better than this, let’s choose a random one to copy and we can act it out.”

Rachel nods and smiles. The next video is very tame, a salesman comes to the door and the lady lets him in. After a couple of minutes small talk she’s topless and bent over in the living room holding onto the window frame whilst he’s fucking her from behind.

“Let’s skip this one, Rachel says.

“No,” you reply. “We have to act it out — that was the deal.”

Sighing, Rachel goes to the front door and opens it and you step through it.

After a couple of minutes you actually are feeling hard knowing you are going to fuck your girlfriend. You knock on the door and your girlfriend answers in a very sexy short dress. “Oh come in, are you here about the new TV?”

“Yes madam,” you giggle, “I’d like to give you one.”

You follow your girlfriend into the living room. You gently push her top down and tell her you’d like to get started straight away with replacing the TV. The bay window is very exposed and your girlfriend’s tits can be seen by anyone in the street. Luckily it’s deserted.

You push Rachel over so her hands are on the window frame and lift her skirt. “I’m going to have some fun here, I like naughty housewives whose husband are at work.”

Rachel closes her eyes and moans as you push her skirt up and pull her panties to one side, inserting two fingers into her cunt. You gradually build the pace towards Rachel’s first orgasm.

The knock at the door takes both of you by surprise, not least because whoever is knocking must’ve passed the window and seen Rachel’s tits out and your fingers deep within her cunt.

As Rachel struggles to pull up her top up and pull down her skirt you open the front door.

“Hi,” says Jamie, your best friend. “I was going to ask if you were busy but I guess you are!” he laughs. “I wasn’t going to knock but just wondered if you need any help.” He breaks down into fits of laughter.

Rachel, rounding the corner, sees Jamie. “Come in, it’s cold out there,” she says and gives him a big cuddle. You can’t help think that’s her top is very flimsy, she’s not wearing a bra and your best friend has just felt her against him.

“Can I get you a drink?” Rachel asks.

“No. It’s okay. I just wanted to confirm I’m getting a lift tomorrow to work?”

“Yeah sure,” you reply.

“Great then, I’ll be off and let you get back to it.”

Rachel, embarrassed, just nods and hugs him again. “Come on, stay for a drink,” you hear yourself saying before you realize you’ve said it.

“Okay, great, I’ll have a beer please.”

Rachel silently stomps to the kitchen. “What the fuck?” you hear her say to herself. “I need to fuck him and he’s inviting his buddy for a drink? I’m going to bed after this!”

On returning to the living room still pissed off and highly horny, she passes the drink to your best friend, saying, “Well I’m off to bed, good night,” to no one in particular.

“You always disappear when I come round. Don’t you trust me or don’t you like me now?” asks Jamie.

“What do you mean?” asks Rachel in surprise.

“Well, every time I come around you leave. Look if he’s told you what I did,” nodding in your direction, “I’m really sorry, but I’ll never do it again. He’s my best friend and you’re his girlfriend. You are so fuckable and I am really sorry about your knickers but I did apologize…”

You shuffle nervously as your girlfriend looks at you. “What the fuck is he on about?”

Squirming, you have no option but to tell the truth. “Last Saturday we were playing cards when you were out. He went for a piss and I found him upstairs wanking into a pair of your fresh knickers whilst sniffing a dirty pair.”

“That’s disgusting!” Rachel says. “How could you? Wait… last Saturday, when I came home you fucked me raw for two hours. Is that why?”

Rachel looks at both of you and suddenly her jaw drops open. “My pink ones, the ones with the flowers on them. I woke up wearing them and I was sure I was naked when I went to bed. They were covered in cum, that wasn’t just yours was it?” She looks at you accusingly.

Jamie looks shocked. “Did you cum in my pink knickers?” Rachel demands.

Jamie nods sheepishly.

“And you, Ross,” she points at you. “You put them on me?”

Slowly you nod, your head facing downwards so as not to have to face her.

“So let’s get this straight. You put your best friend’s cum on and in me? What, do you want him to fuck me? Or is it you want both of you to fuck me? You bastard, do you think I’m a slut? Do you want me to fuck him? Will it turn you on? Well?”

Your eyes never leave the floor as you silently nod…