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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ch...)

“So, you came in my knickers, then you put them on me?” Rachel says, looking at both of you in turn, anger etched on her face.

“I, erm, suppose so,” you admit. “I just thought it was horny. You know his wife is really pretty but he wants to fuck you and it turned me on…”

Rachel looks at you open-mouthed. “What? Your friend’s cum on my pussy? Did you get hard thinking about it? And you..!” she turns to Jamie, “wanked in my knickers! Show me what you did!”

“What?” says Jamie.

“I said show me how you wanked. You get to put your cum on my pussy and I don’t get to see your cock? What would your wife Emma say? She’s tall, beautiful, she even had her tits done for God’s sake, why me? I bet you are as small as Ross, you fucking weirdo. Show me how you wanked.”

Guilt and fear is written all over Jamie’s face as he undoes his zip and frees his cock. His hand wraps around it and slowly starts to move up and own. Rachel realizes that, even with his fist wrapped around it, there is a good four inches not covered. “Fuck me, how big is that fucking thing?”

Jamie lets go and Rachel marvels at the nine-inch cock in front of her. “You, sit down there,” she says to you.

You sit down opposite him. Rachel walks in front of your face and gently cups it as she bends down. “His cock is touching my cunt and I’m going to fuck him while you sit there!”

Your girlfriend lowers herself onto the monster cock. When he is in up to the hilt she looks at you directly in the eyes. “When he’s cum in my cunt you are going to be eating every last drop!”

You gulp as she starts to ride his cock forcibly.