Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by ?...)

“Why don’t you piss on yourself for a bit?” you suggest.

“What do you mean?” Rachel asks tentatively.

“Oh, you know. Just piss in your pants and play with it a bit. You know how you sometimes give me those sexy dances on my birthday? Well, like that but with a lot more urine.”

“Alright then, naughty boy. That does sound kind of sexy. Although I will need to fill the tank before that so how about we start the ceremonies tomorrow after work? Then we’ll just see where that takes us.” Rachel cuddles up to you, pressing her breasts against your side. You can feel her nipples hardening.

You’re barely able to sleep in excitement and the next morning you wake up with the hardest boner you’ve ever had. You take your girlfriend’s hands and stroke yourself off with them, but she pulls away.

“Babe, that looks painful but I really think we should wait for tonight. Tonight we’re going to go all-out and I don’t want you to be spent too early.” With that and a light kiss on your mouth, she leaves you in your state.

You’re hard just about throughout the day — you even notice your secretary eyeballing your erection at times — and you’re practically raging by the time you get home in the evening.

You don’t even lock the door as you rush up the stairs and look around, calling for your girlfriend.

“In here,” you hear her calling. She’s in the study.

You open the door and find her petite body sitting on your desk. She’s wearing a pair of red shorts and a light blue half-sleeve tee. Simple, casual. No shoes. No make-up. You look her over, thinking once again that no one can make the casual look sexy like she can. She’s grinning at you.

“You’ve had a tough day, big boy.”

“Oh, it was worth it,” you say, walking towards her, taking off your shoes, your jacket, your belt.

“Oh, not yet. But it will be, though. It will be.”

You sit down on the chair in front of her. She places one small foot on your chest, and your eyes drop to her pussy.

“Don’t worry, I didn’t start without you. You’re going to see everything.”

“That’s what I love about you,” you say, picking up her foot and kissing it, sucking her big toe, “you’re so fucking freaky.”

Rachel pulls her leg away, popping her toe out of your mouth. “You ain’t seen nothing yet, baby.”

She moves back on the table and squats. You sit up — the magic is about to happen. She smiles at you and holds your gaze while she concentrates and, suddenly, you see a dampening in between her legs. She lets out a big sigh and you see, and hear, a strong and steady stream of piss coming out of her pussy, down her legs, and on to the table. The front of her shorts is completely wet by the time she’s done, and you’re hard as a rock.

She looks at you with a smoking, sexy look in her eyes and sits her firm butt down in her own piss, rubbing it around on the table.

“Holy fuck…”

Rachel gets on her fours and turns around to show you her wet, ripe, stinky butt. She looks back at you, bites her lower lip, and starts pissing again. You see the clear water run down her soft thighs on to the table. Her shorts are completely drenched by this point. She turns around again, and bends forward so that her breasts touch the table. Keeping eye contact, she rubs her breasts, still under her tee, on the piss-covered table. When she gets up, you can clearly see the outline of her perky titties and hard nipples under the wet, smelly fabric.

She takes the ends of the tee and ties them under her boobs like Honey Boo Boo. She knows how you love that. She even rolls up the half-sleeves to look even more whoreish. As for the wet shorts, she simply pulls them off. She uses them as a rag to mop up some of the piss on the table and rubs it on her face, smelling it deeply, before finally throwing it in your face. You quickly grab them and inhale — it’s filthy. You love it. She giggles.

“Open the drawer by your knees and hand me the flask inside it,” she says softly. You do as she says.

Rachel puts the flask on the table, crouches over it like a hobo, and starts peeing again. You’re astonished at the sheer volume of water this woman can hold. She fills up the flask to about a quarter. Then she picks it up, lifts it above her ahead, closes her eyes, smiles, and lets it all fall on her face and tits. She’s literally bathing in her own piss. You never knew your girlfriend was this crazy.

“Fuck, YES!” she says a bit loudly when she’s done. She takes off her drenched t shirt and throws it to you as well. Then she bends down and rubs her bare naked tits on the piss on the table. You lick her t shirt — it’s vile.

“Yeah, baby, taste my piss. Look, I’m tasting it too,” she says before licking her piss off the table.

“You’re such a dirty whore!”

“Yes, baby. I am. A filthy whore,” Rachel says while slurping her piss off the table.

You stand up and pull your pants down. Her eyes drop to your raging erection. You pull it out of your boxers and start stroking.

She gets up, pulls you hard and lies you down on your back on the piss-covered table. “I need to ride you, baby,” she says hungrily before sitting astride you.

She positions your dick between her wet pussy lips and sits down on it. Her hands are on your chest, her eyes locked on to yours as her dirty, smelly body starts humping yours.

“Fuck, this is amazing…” you moan.

“I told you,” she says, while riding you. Her tight pussy around your dick feels amazing — so do her hands on your chest. You grab her pert ass and start moving her faster while thrusting up into her.

“Oh, fuck yeah…,” she moans as she closes her eyes.

You give her a couple of spanks and fuck her harder and harder.

“Oh fuck I’m going to cum!” she screams and her pussy cums around your dick. After she’s recovered, she smiles and stands up above you, stretching her pussy lips apart. Soon, a stream of piss falls on your chest, stomach, and dick.

Once she’s done, she gets down and starts sucking your cock for all it’s worth.

“You really like the taste of your piss on my dick, don’t you?”

“Mmm-hmm,” she nods while blowing you. Her warm, moist tongue is working its magic on your hard dick. She keeps bobbing up and down on it, applying a lot of suction, and you feel the need to piss.

“Babe, get off the desk,” you tell her. She smiles and obeys you, getting on her knees.

You get off the desk too and stand in front of Rachel, aiming your dick at her pretty face. She opens her mouth — her eyes are shining in excitement. This is what she wanted all along. Your piss.

A steady stream of urine shoots out of your dick and into her face, startling her. She giggles before regaining her composure, keeping her mouth open to take in as much as she can. But you don’t want her just drinking it — you want her covered in it. So you wag your dick and piss all over her tits, face, hair, and shoulders. She loves the golden shower she’s getting.

Once you’re done, she rubs her hands all over her wet body and tits. “Thank you so much, babe,” she says with a smile.

“I hope the party’s not over?” you ask, pointing to your erection. She giggles and stands up, pushes you down in the chair and sits astride you — her piss-covered tits in your face. As she starts riding you, you latch your mouth on to her nipple — sucking hard on it. She loves it as much as you do. She humps you harder and harder until you pull her in as deep as you can, shooting a massive load in her womb. Once you’re done, she keeps sitting there — your softening dick inside her.

“Hey babe, I think we’re done,” you laugh.

“Yeah, I know. I’m just waiting for you to piss inside me.”