Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Gt64...)

You tear off Monica’s bra and you can tell your strength turns her on. Her breasts are large and round, beckoning you to grasp them. You gently caress the firm tits and lick her nipples, causing her to let out small moans. Her boobs are the most heavenly things you have ever touched and you just can’t get enough of them.

After a few more minutes of breast-play you can tell Monica is just itching for you to pleasure her properly. “Are we going to fuck or what?”

You don’t need to be asked twice. After stripping completely you lift Monica up, carry her over to the bed and throw her down on to it before hastily removing her underwear.

“Fuck me ‘til I hurt all over!”

You slam your penis into her sopping wet pussy and pump in and out at a speed Rachel would find fast.

“C’mon I like it hard!”

You fuck her harder than you’ve ever fucked Rachel. The feeling is incredible. Her pussy is so tight it’s squeezing your dick and it’s the slipperiest thing you’ve ever felt. Rachel lies down next to Monica and starts to pleasure herself.

“Is that all you’ve got?”questions Monica. She grabs you and flips you both over so that she is on top. You have tried cowgirl with Rachel but Monica rides you wildly, slamming down onto your member with immense force. She goes harder and harder, you’re shaft penetrating deep inside her body. Your eyes are transfixed on Monica’s perfect breasts bouncing up and down, causing you to get even hornier.

You force Monica off you and enter her from on top again. If she wants hard you’ll give her hard. You smash your cock deep into her pussy and fuck her with all of your strength. Monica’s cries of pleasure combine with Rachel’s as she tries to mimic your motions with her dildo. The sight of these two smoking hot girls combined with the intense feeling of Monica’s pussy sends you over the edge and you release your cum deep inside Monica.

After you pull out and lie breathless on the bed you watch as your girlfriend licks your cum out of Monica’s pussy. When they’re done they lie down either side of you and you go to sleep in heaven: a beautiful girl on each arm, your hands on their asses and a cock that’s had the time if its life.