Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by ?...)

In the middle of the night you feel yourself waking up. You rub your eyes open and notice that your girlfriend’s best friend is slowly jerking you off and smiling at you. Your girlfriend, on the other hand, is fast asleep on (well) your other hand.

You smirk at Monica. Yes, you two had had sex while Rachel watched and encouraged you but there is something infinitely naughtier about fooling around secretly like this. Somehow, because you’re not being watched, it’s more exciting.

You pull Monica close and start making out with her, your hand caressing her soft butt. Her kisses are very sloppy, you notice. She sucks your lips and thrusts her tongue in your mouth before drawing your tongue into hers. She’s a hungry kisser, too. Your girlfriend has never been able to make you this hard with just her kisses.

You get a little more adventurous with your hand. You reach between her butt cheeks and stroke her — her eyes widen in delight. You press your finger at the entrance of her sphincter and push at it teasingly. She makes an adorable puppy dog face, pleading you to finger her anus. You smile and oblige her — pushing your finger knuckle-deep into her tight, tight hole. She bites her lower lip and her strokes become more erratic.

You pull your finger out and gesture Monica to move down the bed. She kisses you and slides down slowly till she’s lying tits-down between your legs, with her face at your crotch. She smiles at you while stroking your dick. She gives your shaft a few long licks too, while using her fingers to caress you gently, tantalising you.

After a seemingly interminable wait, Monica plops your dick in her mouth and sucks on the tip, slowly bobbing her head on it. She applies amazing suction and the feeling of her soft lips around your cock is fantastic. She pulls it out of her mouth and starts stroking it again. This time she starts licking your ball sack, making you tremble with pleasure. She licks it more and more hungrily, till she starts sucking it — one ball at a time, and then she tries to put the whole sack in her mouth while jerking you off.

After that, she goes even lower and starts licking your perineum — your girlfriend has never done that to you! And she’s still lying asleep on your arm, while her friend is rubbing her beautiful face into your balls.

Monica then spits on your shaft and tip a whole bunch of times, making it dripping wet, and rubs it over her lips, cheeks, chin, and face. She’s degrading herself with your dick — you love it.

After coating her face in pre-cum and spit, she puts your dick in her warm, moist mouth again — this time going much deeper than the last. She tries to deep-throat it every time her head goes down on it. When she has all of it in her mouth, she sticks her tongue out from underneath and licks your balls too. Just when you don’t think it can get any better, you feel her finger pushing against your anus.

You nearly shout out as your girlfriend’s super-hot and pretty friend sucks your dick while fingering your ass. You’re extremely close to cumming — and she senses this. She maintains eye contact and starts stroking your dick in her mouth with one hand while fingering your butt with the other. In a few seconds, you shoot a massive load in her mouth — but she keeps looking at you and sucking all the cum out of your dick and drinking it. It’s mesmerising.

“What’s the… what’s happening…,” Rachel starts stirring on your arm, “wait — what the fuck!”

She’s wide awake, and sees everything — your dick in her friend’s mouth, her face messy with spit and pre-cum, some cum dribbling from her chin, and her finger in your ass. How is she going to react?