Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Benifer...)

After Monica brings you off in her pussy again, she slides off and lets Rachel lick her pussy clean.

You really want to humiliate your girlfriend, so you tie her hands behind her back and tell her to get ready. You prop her up on her knees and Monica holds her hair back while you shove your cock down you girlfriend’s throat.

At first Rachel’s reaction is normal but then she realizes that you’ve started pissing down her throat. She tries to pull away, but her friend holds her head down and she has no choice but to swallow all your hot piss.

When you finish, Monica says, “My turn”!

You hold your girlfriend’s head tilted up as Monica lowers her twat on to her face. Soon, a nice stream off piss hits Rachel in the face. She struggles but you hold her head in place so she gets all of Monica’s pee.

When Rachel has swallowed it all, you shove her to the ground. Monica straddles Rachel’s face and you bury your hard cock in Monica’s wet pussy, right over top of your girlfriend’s face. Monica tells Rachel to get used to the sight of your cock going in her pussy.