Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ch...)

There’s only one choice for you, it has to be the Revenge Sue film. The Home Alone one is great but the last section means that it’s a no go. “Revenge Sue” you say, looking at your girlfriend excitedly.

“Yeah… nope,” smiles Rachel. “Did you really think you would get to choose? Home Alone it is! Arrange to go out on Saturday with two friends, have a few drinks then come and ‘break’ into the house. I’ll do a little disclaimer video on your phone to take with you.”

So that’s that, then.

Jamie is a bit worried when he gets into the car the following day, waiting to see your reaction. An awkward few minutes of small talk follows before you have no choice but to pull over. “Listen mate, about, erm, you know… Rachel really enjoyed it and I am okay with it so it’s all good. Can you get out for a pint on Saturday? And, er, we might go back to mine afterwards if you want too?”

“We’re cool man,” replies Jamie, “and Saturday’s a definite, I’m really looking forward to it.”

The rest of the journey things between you and Jamie are back to normal, although your brain and persistent erection is concentrating on Saturday.

During work you constantly look at your colleagues, wondering who the hell you should ask who wouldn’t go shouting their mouth off but would say yes. A day of imagining Rachel fuck each and every one of your workmates is exhausting and ultimately fruitless as you can’t work out how to ask, and in honesty don’t have the courage to ask them to do it.

Saturday arrives and Rachel calls you to the bedroom. On entering you notice a number of things on the bed. Rachel kisses you hard and fondles your cock through your pants. “I’m ready for tonight, I thought I would wear this,” Rachel is only small in height but has decent natural tits and a very nice slim figure. The outfit she holds up is a school uniform from the local high school. “I hope you boys go easy on me. One rule though,” she points to the big tub of lube, “although I’m being ‘forced’ in the video, when someone puts their cock up my ass, they must use lube.”

You nearly cum instantly. Rachel never lets you have anal — she tried it once but stopped you after the first inch or two, never to return. “You, you want to have anal?” you splutter to your girlfriend.

“I don’t want to, I’m not going to choose to, but if three men break in and replicate the video we watched, well, I don’t have a choice do I? Three holes, three cocks.”

You make a move on your beautiful girlfriend and try and push her onto the bed, your cock raging to be free.

“Ooh someone likes the idea,” she laughs as she lets you pound her. “It’s a good idea you fuck me now,” Rachel says as you work towards a quick orgasm. “You will last longer later and it opens me up for the big cooks I will get tonight!”

As you cum you feel an almighty high as you are so turned on.

“Get down and clean me,” demands Rachel. “I like that, you need to get used to doing it every time.”

As you make your way down the bed to clean your girlfriend’s cunt your knee knocks something onto the floor. As you look down you see a big strap on cock and remember the end of the video.

“Oh don’t worry,” Rachel smiles as she pushes your head towards her cunt. “The same rules apply when I take my revenge…”

You gulp, but not just because you are eating your own cum out of your girlfriend…