Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Dimletter...)

“Wait, you’d prefer Jamie?” you ask Rachel in surprise, with visible confusion and jealousy. “He is my best friend, how long have you fancied him? And how are you so sure he will be up to it?”

Your girlfriend looks ashamed but decides to tell you the truth. “To be honest we have been exchanging texts, photos and dirty looks when you don’t look. I know it’s wrong but he’s hot and strong and he is your best friend and by extension he’s my friend too. I love cooking for him and I truly care for him too, ever since that time he came looking for you when his girlfriend broke up with him and you weren’t here.”

“I tried to cheer him up but didn’t work so I offered him a shoulder to cry on while he was letting out his frustrations and telling me all about her. I found myself massaging him. At first it was gentle and kind but I started feeling horny, so I ended up groping him on his legs and then I moved to his arms and chest. He thanked me for listening to him and told me you were lucky to have a girlfriend like me — kind, smart and attractive. It felt so good seeing him like that, I could see in his eyes how much he desired me, and since I wanted him too I took advantage. I told him that he was lucky too because I was his friend too and more importantly my boyfriend’s best friend and as such I cared about him.”

“I got closer to him so I held both of his hands, and then I told him that I wanted to break up with you so that I could make him feel better right there and then. But then I said my love for you was more important but I would try my best to help him out. I put his hands on my hips, my hands around his neck, and started dry-humping while telling him all the things I liked about him and how hot he was, until he came. I could tell he didn’t felt that bad after I treated him.”

“Every once in while he tells me he feels bad again and I give him his treatment, so I am pretty sure he will be up to it, but like I have promised you I only love you, he is just platonic. Please don’t hate me.”

You feel confused, dizzy, angry and surprisingly aroused at Rachel’s admission. You decide to keep going forward, even though you are feeling worried that you could lose your girl to your best friend. You figure that if you keep her happy there is no reason for her to leave you.

Clearly your girlfriend really wants to be fucked by your best friend so you give her your permission. She calls him and after she hangs up she starts looking amongst her clothes. What will she wear?