Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Yiffjd...)

You decide on rough sex. You don’t actually feel anything for her. You just needed to fuck someone new to refresh yourself. Your girlfriend is still the love of your life. You still wait everyday for her loving embrace. Laura is new and exciting, not comforting.

You force your lips onto hers. You restrain her with enough force to bruise her. She is hurting, which makes you harder. You’ve always wanted to be forceful with a whore, but you restrain yourself from getting violent. You want to hurt her for being a whore. A little whore under your hands. For you to use.

You thrust into her as she moans in pain. Her vagina begins to resist your dick. It chokes your dick making the penetration feel better. The tightness is intense.

She becomes more and more wet as you thrust, allowing for more easy penetration in her tight hole.

Laura starts moaning in pleasure as you pump harder and harder. Your dick is ready to explode. You pull your tongue out.

“Yes harder!” she screams. She is panting very hard. Her breath touches your neck as she harshly exhales.

You whisper to her, “Want me to get really rough?”

“Yes,” she moans in a breathy, sultry exhale.

You squeeze her hard.

“You’re hurting me! Harder!” she says.

You bite on her breasts as she squeals and squirms.

“Fuck!” she yelps but she soon says, “Deeper!” so you sink your teeth in deeper. You start to worry about making her bleed after a while and return to nibbling on her breasts. You start to twist them and she lets out cute moans.

You pull out and position yourself to cum on her face.

Cum explodes onto her.

“Can you help me lick this off?” she asks.