Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by AGreyFoxxx...)

“This is your fantasy, babe, so you need to pick. I’ll go along with whoever you want,” you say.

“Well. I kinda think your dad is hot. I’ve seen the way he looks at me when we’re over there for dinner.”

You’re stunned. Of all the people in the world Rachel could pick.

“Why don’t you call him up and invite him over here for dinner on Friday?” your girlfriend suggests.

At this point your cock shows signs of life. The thought of watching Rachel getting ravished by your dad both disgusts and excites you at the same time. You nod your assent.

“Okay sweetie. You’re the best!” she says, grasping your rock-hard cock, and stroking it while rubbing her pussy against your leg until you grunt, watching your cum pool on your stomach.

Friday night arrives and you are greeted by Rachel at the door. She is wearing a loose-fitting top and a jean skirt. You kiss her deeply as you close the door. You can feel her bra-less breasts as you break the kiss. Lifting up her skirt, you reveal her freshly-waxed pussy. You are hard again, especially since you can smell her arousal and her favorite perfume, mingling in the air together.

Your dad arrives right on time, presenting Rachel with a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of wine. You’ve never noticed the way he looks at her, undressing her with his eyes. She hands you the flowers and wine, then gives him a hug, pressing herself against him. Can she feel his manhood pressing against her? Can he feel her excited nipples rubbing against his chest? The answer is yes. You watch as your father’s hand drifts down to her ass, clutching her cheek.

You invite him into the dining room, seating yourself across from her, and next to him. The dinner conversation is innocuous enough. If you listened to it you would think it’s just an ordinary dinner. Dropping your napkin on the floor, you duck down for a second, catching his hand up under Rachel’s skirt. You look at her and she returns your gaze, a hint of a smile on her pretty face.

Rachel asks you to clear the dishes and invites your dad to the den to watch TV.

“Of course dear, I’ll be down in a minute,” you reply. You watch as your dad gets up from the table. His stiffy is obvious and he makes no attempt to hide it. He licks Rachel off his fingers as they both head to the den.

A few minutes later, you walk stealthily down to the den, excited at what you might find.