Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Big D...)

“Hmm… I say you try the butt-plug” you suggest.

“Oh I… I didn’t really expect you to say that,” Rachel says, seeming concerned.

“How’d you mean?” you ask with a puzzled expression.

“Well, I kinda showed the butt-plug to persuade you to get me to use the panties, mainly because I’ve never really done any anal stuff, well… besides accidentally sitting on a traffic cone,” Rachel explains while propping herself up on the bed.

“Ha ha, I remember that, you couldn’t sit down again for the next month! Anyway, why don’t you have a shot at it, you never know, you might like it,” you say humorously.

“Well…fine,” your girlfriend begrudgingly agrees, shuffling off the bed and bending over her makeup table using her arms to prop herself up.

“I’ll go get the lu…” you offer, but are quickly cut off by Rachel saying, “No need.”

“Wait… What?” Shocked, you have no clue what to say.

“There’s no point in using lube, you either go big or go home,” she replies cheekily.

“Em okay.” You go and get the plug and walk behind Rachel’s petite round ass. You examine her hole, first by spreading her ass cheeks and then by inserting your finger into her ass slowly. As you feel around Rachel emits a soft moan. You proceed to pull your finger out with a strand of slime connecting from the tip of your finger to the entrance of her butt. You bring the plug up to her ass and attempt to push it in.

“Aya that bloody hurts!” Rachel says angrily.

You quickly pull the plug away, showing an almost-pulsing anal entrance twitching and dripping with anal slime. You proceed to try again and push it in a lot harder with more force. Despite Rachel leaning further over the table and showing obvious signs of being in pain you keep going, until eventually Rachel’s sphincter relaxes and the plug slides in to about half way before you reach the first bend in her intestines.

“Oh my God… I can feel it pressing against my tummy, is that normal?” she worries.

“I hope so, this thing’s still got about another five inches to go!” you continue to push it in, Rachel moaning loudly. you feel the resistance her intestines are putting up to force the butt-plug out, but you still continue. Eventually, accompanied with Rachel’s swearing and cursing, the thickest part slides in with low gulping noise.

“I feel like I really need the toilet and my stomach kinda hurts,” Rachel says.

“Alright, I gotta challenge… you need to spend the next day and tonight with the butt-plug still in your ass until I say you can let it out” you say.

“Sure,” she agrees.

The day passes. Rachel arrives home from work and rushes to the bedroom. You hurry through the door behind her and see that she is trying to push it out.