Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by ?...)

You wake up and rub your weary eyes. It takes some time to, well, “boot” your system, but you remember. Girlfriend. Female slave. Sister. You’re just about to go look for Rachel when she appears in the doorway.

“Hey hon, I’m glad you’re finally up. Come downstairs, I’ve got a wonderful surprise for you.”

She looks… different. Yes, she’s put some make-up on. And all she’s wearing is a black strapless dominatrix outfit with a ten-inch black dildo strap-on.

You stand up and allow your girlfriend to lead you downstairs to the basement. You look at her and marvel — she actually got the whole thing done. You’ve got to marry this one, you decide.

Rachel leads you into the basement and you get an instant hard-on at the sight of your beautiful, naked, step-sister. Her wrists are tied to chains that dangle from the ceiling. Her toes barely reach the floor, making her arch her beautiful, naked legs in ways that bring out the best of her form. Her pussy is shaved. Her tits are not the largest but definitely perky as hell and, most importantly, naked. Her luxurious brunette hair is flowing down her smooth shoulders and back. She’s gorgeous.

“Hello, step-sister. Fancy seeing you like this.”

“I am here to give you what you want, Master,” she replies.

“Impressive,” you say, adjusting the erection in your pants.

“I hope you don’t mind… while you were sleeping, I took our slave for a little test drive,” your girlfriend says as she walks up to your step-sister and starts caressing her pussy. “Once she agreed to service us, I just couldn’t resist.”

“Of course not, baby. In fact, I wouldn’t mind getting a taste of some of that action right now,” you say as you grab a chair and sit down in front of them.

Rachel smiles and walks behind your step-sister. You see her hands grab your sister’s perky tits. You watch her smell your sister’s hair and kiss her neck. You notice one hand slide down between your sister’s legs and another slide between her own. A moan escapes Amy’s lips as your girlfriend penetrates her from behind. You pull your pants down and start stroking your erection as Rachel starts pounding your step-sister’s cunt. With one hand, she yanks her hair back. With the other, she slaps her tits raw.

“Fucking take that you slutty bitch…,” your girlfriend says while fucking her brains out.

You get up, walk up to Amy, and kiss her on the mouth while her pussy is being abused. You choke her and suck her tongue as she moans into your mouth. Then you give her a light slap and unchain her wrists. She bends over and you shove your cock in her mouth. She holds your hips to balance herself while you and your girlfriend fuck her from both ends. You grab a fistful of her soft hair and fuck her face with your cock.

Rachel is no less rough with her. She spanks her ass hard and fucks her hard and deep. You make her deep-throat your cock for as long as she can without gagging or choking before pulling her head up, slapping her, and then putting your cock in her mouth again. Her warm, wet mouth feels amazing around your dick.

You pull her off your cock again and spit on her face. Then you turn her around — this time you have her pussy and your girlfriend takes her mouth.

After a few more minutes of fucking her raw from both ends, you both pull out and let her fall on the floor. Rachel pulls her to her knees as you shoot a massive load all over her face. You make her eat it up before leaving her in the basement.

While you walk up with your girlfriend, you look at her and say, “This is going to be fun.”