Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ch...)

As you raise up to go and join back in with your girlfriend and your fantasy, you hear footsteps coming up the stairs. As your brain processes the sound, your best friend Jamie enters the room. Did we mention he’s also Monica’s husband?

“Hi, I wondered where you all… what the fuck?” He looks at the scene, his wife, your girlfriend and you, all together.

As he approaches you, Monica starts to try and stop him, “Jamie, it’s fine, honest, don’t…”

You start to stutter, “I’m sorry it got out of hand, please, please don’t hit me.”

Jamie stops and prowls like a wounded lion. “Why the fuck not? You have been fucking my wife, what the fuck do I get? I’m going to fucking kill you!”

“Maybe I can help you,” says Rachel, “erm, so you can get equal.”

Jamie swings round to Rachel. “Fuck off, he’s already fucked you, I’m not going back in there, I’m ripping his head off, there’s nothing you can offer to save him!” With that he grabs you by the throat and pulls back his fist.

“No!” screams Monica.

“My ass!’” screams Rachel. “No one has ever fucked me up the ass, I hate the idea, I can’t do it, but, but… if you promise you won’t hurt him, I will let you.”

Jamie stops and looks at you. He growls and says, “I suppose, we are friends, I understand why you want to fuck Monica, she’s a sexy bitch, those tits are amazing… you never took Rachel up the arse?”

Gulping, you shake your head. “No.”

Jamie looks at you. “Okay, I can fuck you up or fuck your girlfriend’s ass. After which she either cleans you up or you clean her up. What’s it to be?”

Without hesitation, and avoiding your girlfriend’s gaze, you simply say, “You can fuck my girlfriend’s ass.”

Rachel looks at you and her mouth falls open but she gets on her knees facing Jamie. “Please let me suck it, it’s not my fault,” she says as Jamie unzips and his massive eight-inch cock springs into view.

Rachel recoils in horror. “That’s not going in me!” she screams.

“Grab her arms,” he says looking at you. Instantly you do as you are told. He forces his cock into her mouth.

Monica takes a seat on the bed, smiles and lies back watching, completely comfortable watching what’s going on as if she was expecting it.

As Rachel gags on Jamie’s cock, you hear yourself tell her that since he’s going to fuck her ass she should make it wet so it doesn’t hurt, and she shouldn’t fight him.

Jamie suddenly withdraws. “Turn her around.”

As you physically force Rachel into position, her head touching the floor, you tell her you love her. Jamie pushes his huge erection towards your girlfriend’s ass, and as much as you know it’s going to hurt, you can’t deny the massive hard on raging in your pants. As Rachel whimpers, Jamie pushes his cock into her ass.

Monica suddenly appears in front of Rachel. “Lick me, now!” She forces her cunt into Rachel’s mouth, and as Rachel tries to recoil Jamie forces his cock up her ass in one swift movement. Her screams are drowned out by Monica’s orgasm flooding into her mouth. Jamie pushes deeper and deeper and as Rachel pleads for mercy, the agony seems to push him on.

Eventually Jamie cums with a huge orgasm. As Rachel cries softly, he looks at Monica, smiles and rises to leave. Addressing you he commands, “You, lick her better, as agreed. We are now even, but tomorrow is another day.”

You fall to your knees, tears in your eyes, and start licking your girlfriend’s battered cunt as you realize you have the biggest hard-on in your life. Rachel lies back, her ass leaking cum, as you gently lick and kiss her battered hole. In the distance you hear laughing as the front door quietly closes.