Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by NicoleTheNaut...)

“No love making, only hard, lustful sex,” you say as you find yourself coming to like the idea, letting your imagination take over.

Rachel almost tackles you on the bed, raining kisses on your neck and chest. “Thank you so much honey! I’ll make it worth watching.” She winks as she gets up to call the guys while you lie there slowly stroking your half-hard dick.

You end up sleeping in the next morning and awake to three other men standing in the doorway, your girlfriend in front of them wearing her silk robe. You sigh, remembering your decision yesterday. But you also remember what she said about making it worth watching. So you get up and move to a chair. “It’s all yours babe, let’s get this show started.”

After about ten minutes of watching them all fuck her, you find this not too different from porn, aside from it happening in person and you know the girl. In fact, it’s actually kind of hot. Because of this, you decide to tug your shorts down to jerk off as you watch Rachel get pounded in all three holes. She notices this and tries to say something to the guys. The one in her mouth pulls out so she can speak.

“Let’s change position a bit. You two lie down, and you kneel over me.” This new position makes it so she’s facing you while riding the two guys underneath. She then bends backwards for the third to mount her chest and fuck her mouth. She gyrates her hips and bobs her head for a few minutes, the lewd display becoming too much for you. Not long after, the orgasms start hitting one at a time, starting with her and ending with you.

After the men leave you lie with your girlfriend in bed. Then you break the silence. “You sure know what I like baby, thanks for the show. Though next time it better be me somewhere in there.”

“No problem, and what did I say? We’re closer now aren’t we?” says Rachel.

You chuckle and pull her in for a kiss. She then straddles you and says, “You’ve been so patient, you need to be rewarded.”