Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ch...)

On arriving at the pub you see Jamie sitting in the corner. “Ready for another one?” you ask.

Jamie smiles, “if you’re paying I’m always ready!”

After returning to the table you and Jamie make small talk for a while. “Erm, the other night, did you erm like it?” you finally ask.

Jamie looks at you awkwardly. “Of course man, Rachel’s well, you know, I had a great time, sorry, I should probably be apologizing again.”

“No, no it’s not that,” you interrupt. “I kind of, erm, liked watching Rachel being, erm, happy.”

Jamie laughs at the use of the word. “Anytime you want to see your girlfriend ‘happy’ I’m happy to help!” Jamie laughs at his own joke.

You look at him nervously. “Erm, how about tonight?”

“What? You want me to come around again?”

Nodding your head you breathe out a sigh of relief.

“I will,” Jamie says, “if you ask me.”

Puzzled you look at him, “Okay, will you come around mine and make Rachel happy again?”

Jamie smiles. “Of course mate.”

You continue to avoid eye contact with your best friend who you have just asked to fuck your girlfriend. “There’s a slight catch though. Rachel wants to, erm, roleplay and, erm, we need a third guy to join us.”

Jamie’s jaw drops. “Your girlfriend, Rachel, the quiet one, wants me and another bloke to fuck her, what, at the same time? What a fantastic slut you’re dating!”

You recoil at the word used to describe your girlfriend, but realize it’s true. “It’s just I don’t know who to ask, how do you do…”

Jamie looks up at the two young lads playing pool. “Paul, come here a second,”Jamie shouts. You know Paul from football, he’s ok but a loud mouth and certainly not the type of guy you want to ask.“ Paul walks over. ”Okay Jamie, Ross? What’s up?“

You look at Jamie, blankly hoping he will get the message that it’s a definite no.

Jamie looks at you but then shrugs. “You fancy a bit of action tonight with a dirty slut? She wants to fuck two men at once. She’s a right looker and fucks like a rabbit.”

Paul laughs. “Sounds too good to be true, who is it? Where?”

“Actually,” you hear yourself say, “Oh fuck it, just watch this.” You press play on your phone and turn it towards both men. Paul’s mouth falls open, Jamie smiles. Both say wow.

’Is this some wind up? That’s your girlfriend!“ Paul says.

“It’s true man,” says Jamie. “I fucked her the other night, she’s fucking hot. So, you in?”

Paul looks at you, thinks for a moment, then replies, “Hell yes, just send me that on WhatsApp so I can’t be accused of anything afterwards.”

“I think I should get the beers in,” says Paul, walking towards the bar. Relieved you have sorted out the third man you set up the WhatsApp and send the video to both Jamie and Paul.

Paul returns from the bar. “Only an hour to go, can’t we go earlier? How old is she meant to be? Who’s doing her first? We taking turns or all together?”

Jamie laughs. “Breathe, my friend. I’m sure you will be taken care of. Actually, Ross, do we need to buy condoms or do you have them?”

Jamie fucked Rachel the last time without one but it was spur of the moment and not premeditated. It hits you as you remember that Rachel is no longer on contraception and Jamie fucked her earlier this week! “Shit!” you say as you quickly text Rachel. “Jamie’s asking about condoms, we didn’t use anything earlier this week. Did you sort it? I will make sure guys wear them tonight x”

Within seconds your phone bleeps, “No condoms in film she is filled in every hole. So no condoms, I need to be fucked properly x”

Shocked, you look at Jamie and Paul. “Erm, no, no need for condoms, just use lube if you want to fuck her ass.”

For the next hour you sit as Jamie talks about how good a fuck your girlfriend is and both men tell you what they are going to do. Paul’s bragging his cock is massive, so they agree whoever’s smallest gets her ass first and then work up to the biggest. You gulp as you realize these guys are going to fuck your girlfriend.

As ten o’clock arrives the three of you make your way back to your house. You reach the back door and all three of you are horny, slightly drunk and gagging to fuck Rachel. As you slowly pull down your balaclava and hand the others theirs you gently open the back door and enter the darkness of the kitchen.