Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Justin Gasser...)

“And what am I supposed to help you with?” asks the Professor curiously.

“I want to fuck your cunt!” says Rachel in Hermione’s sexy new body.

You can see the shock drawn into her face as the old lady hears what her student just said. Shaking her head, she stammers, “No way, I haven’t become a teacher to get laid by a teenager!”

To hear these works from her gives you an instant boner. Your pants rip apart by the force of your gigantic cock.

Rachel looks over to you. “Could you please do something? I swear you will have your turn with her later, dear.”

You swing your wand twice, and ‘zap’, Professor McGonnagal gets pinned to her desk, unable to move or speak.

Rachel pulls up the Professor’s robe, revealing a wet, shaven pussy. Witnessing her students use their magic to grow a dick must’ve turned her on! Rachel presses her face between the older woman’s legs and starts to lick her pussy, which is dripping wet by now.

“Could you jerk me off please?” is all you can say. You’re so horny and your cock is so erect that it is almost driving you crazy. You walk over to Rachel/Hermione, and she immediately takes your dick and starts to suck on its tip while she fingers the old lady.

“Mhhh, aahhhh, please go on and fuck me!” McGonnagal moans. Her horniness must have broken the spell somehow.

Rachel takes your dick out of her mouth, gets into position, then plunges her own giant cock deep into Professor McGonnagal’s cunt. It makes a loud noise, which you are sure even Dumbledore can hear from the other end of the castle. She begins to give her a good and fast fuck while jerking you off with a hand still soaked in McGonnagal’s pussy juices.

You notice that Hermione’s skirt is lifted up and you can see her pussy. So you get behind her and with one rough move you shove your prick into her wet twat. You fuck her happily while she in turn fucks the Professor.

McGonnagal moans louder and louder until she finally cums, squirting all over her desk.

Rachel is totally exhausted, so she asks you, “Ross honey? Would you fuck her in the ass for me?”