Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by ImMakingMacNCheese...)

Although you so desperately want your girlfriend to release your load you decide to play for a little. Your face clearly shows displeasure as you look away with a straight face.

Immediately Rachel catches on and frowns, leaning on your chest. Her tits push up on your chest and her ass is hanging in the air. Oh, how much you want to touch her like this.

She forces your chin to look at her and with a serious face she whispers, “What’s the matter? Did I do something wrong?”

You look at her and smirk while thrusting up and manage to slip into her. She lets out a surprised moan then looks down at you, glaring harshly. “You-” she breathes on your face and tries resisting, giving up her domination act, then pins her hands against your head as she pulls her ass up more, before you can get the chance to thrust again.

“You think you’re cute?” she snarls.