Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Wifes-out...)

She gently leads you back to have you sit on one of the very plush couches. She turns around to give you a nice long look at her curvy ass as she sits down on your hard shaft. The head pushes past her lips and she slowly slides all the way down. She then leans back and rests her head on your shoulder.

“Your pussy feels amazing!” you moan in her ear and reach around with both hands, one going to caress her breast and the other to rub her exposed clit just above your buried prick.

Her arm wraps behind your neck as she begins to seductively gyrate, sending waves of pleasure through you and causing you to buck and drive your cock deeper inside.

“Let’s see…” she almost whispers in your ear. “There a woman over there with a cock in each armpit. Is that your girlfriend? Seems like a real dirty fetish but I’m not judging.”

All you can do is shake your head as her vagina firmly squeezes around your member with an orgasm.

“Is she the one with her head buried in a muff in sixty-nine? Or is she the one that looks like she’s breast feeding that old man?”

You almost can’t believe the scene unfolding before you as the orgy begins to ramp up. A man watching his wife getting plowed is the first to blow his load as he’s sitting next to them and furiously knuckling his prick.

“What’s her name? I could pretend to be her and make all your dirty fantasies come true.”

Do you tell?