Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Wifes-out...)

You see the dots appear as Rachel begins to text back. The anticipation is driving you crazy.

The text arrives with a chime. “Her boss. I caught your girlfriend taking naughty pics under her desk and couldn’t pass up the chance.”

You almost drop your phone as it chimes with another text, this one a picture of Rachel masturbating on her desk, but at such an angle that you can see her boss John lying on the couch in her office with his cock out.

Another file comes and after it downloads you see selfie pictures of him behind Rachel, squeezing her tits and running his hand down between her legs. Your girlfriend looks horribly disgusted as the pictures progress to her on her knees being wacked in the face by his hard cock before she grabs it and starts pumping it.

You almost can’t continue scrolling but you must. Next is a set of her blowing him. He must have really enjoyed that because there were tons.

Your phone beeps as another batch has been sent to download. These ones include POV pictures of him ramming Rachel from behind as she’s pressed against her desk. After a few of those, she gets flipped over and you are shocked to see the pleasure on her face. The images now show she is totally into the fucking she’s getting. By the end of the pictures she has his jizz on her face as she is kissing his cock.

“Sorry Ross,” she text you. “See you at home.”