Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ch...)

“Look I think this is getting out of hand,” Rachel says to you as she’s getting ready for work. “I can’t go to work like this, can I?”

As you take in your girlfriend’s slutty outfit, a short black skirt, stockings and a tight white top clearly showing the outline of her tits through the material you instantly get hard.

“You do realize I’m going to get fucked again and used by loads of other men? Their huge cocks are going to invade my pussy, my mouth and probably my ass again and you, you are just going to let it happen?”

You try not to look guilty but your cock is now rock hard.

“You dirty pervert, well if that’s going to happen everyone is going to know you want me to do it.” Rachel throws you the phone, it’s ringing, “Tell Jamie to come over tonight, tell him you want him to fuck me.”

As your best friend answers the phone your face goes bright red. “Erm, er,hi,” you stutter.

Rachel grabs the phone from you, “Hi Jamie, it’s me. My pervert of a boyfriend likes licking cum out of me after watching a huge cock fuck me. Just wondering if you were free to pop over tonight to help out. Ross would love you to do that, wouldn’t you?”

Embarrassed, with a huge hard-on, you croak a “yes” into the phone.

Jamie bursts out laughing. “Yes, wow, yes — I mean, what time?”

A few minutes later you zone back in as your girlfriend hands the phone back to you. “See, now your best friend knows I’m a slut, phone Geoff and Keiran and ask them to join the party. I don’t want Jamie to be the only one fucking me tonight.”

Open mouthed, you look at her. Is she intent on fucking all of your friends in one go?

“I will let you sort that out while I go to work. Making me fuck Leon? You will pay for that!”

As the front door shuts you realize your girlfriend is going to get fucked senseless at work and then come home and gangbang your friends. As you try and take all of this in, all you can feel is the throbbing pain in your cock, desperate to cum…