Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ch...)

“Well, I know this sounds weird but I can’t get it out of my head,” Rachel stumbles over her words, “but whenever Monica gets drunk she says she wants to go to a strip club and watch the women. I think, I think… erm, do you fancy trying it?”

It is true your best mate’s wife (who is also your girlfriend’s best friend) always goes on about it. She even does it when sober to you and, as horny as it sounds, where do you look when your girlfriend’s sitting beside you at a strip club?

“Erm, I could ask Jamie and Monica if they fancy it? you reply. ”You know, we could all go along together. It’s her idea after all.“

Rachel grins at you, mounts your raging, hard cock and starts to fuck you violently. “Please, please do it!”

The next day it’s quite easy to bring the subject up. All you do is visit Jamie to borrow one of his tools and start baiting his wife. “Can Jamie come out on Saturday, I fancy a few drinks in town?”

Monica smiles and laughs, “You boys, always out. No strippers though without me!” she giggles.

“Well, er actually there’s a new club opened and although it’s not strictly a strip club, it’s er, risky. The waitresses are topless and there is some ‘entertainment’ I believe. Is that okay?”

“Wow,” says Monica. “That’s a shame. No, you can’t go then. Unless I come along. Will Rachel be up for it?”

Jamie laughs as he knows Monica is serious about going, but they both think Rachel is very reserved and won’t go.

“I will ask her…” you promise as you leave. As you reach your front door you text back, “Rachel says okay, she will go to keep Monica company.” You figure it’s best to do it before Rachel can change her mind.

“Well?” asks Rachel as soon as you enter the front door.

“Saturday’s fixed. You are going, but only because you want to support Monica.”

Rachel grins at you and drops to her knees, unleashing your cock in the hallway she gives you a fantastic blowjob. As you erupt in her mouth there’s a knock at the door, literally feet away from you. Luckily the door is solid wood so the person can’t see anything.

As you struggle to make yourself decent, Rachel gets to her feet and opens the door.

Monica is on your doorstep, looking worriedly at Rachel. You stand behind Rachel, trying to hide your still-semi-erect cock. “Listen, I was being silly. I know it’s not your scene. Jamie thinks I’m pressuring you.”

Rachel blushes, “It’s okay, it will be an education. If it’s too much we can just leave.”

Monica squeals with delight and kisses Rachel quickly on the lips. As they part you notice a tiny strand of spit joining them together. You suddenly realize it is probably your cum. Monica obliviously licks her lips and says, “Great! See you Saturday!”

As Rachel turns to face you, you can’t hide your new erection from her. As she leans in to kiss you, you can smell your cum on her breathe Knowing Monica could as well, nearly makes you cum there and then.

Rachel pushes you onto the stairs and pulls off her leggings, straddles your cock, and forces you inside of her within what seems like seconds. Your girlfriend furiously rides you until she’s orgasmed, followed quickly by you.

“Saturday should be fun,” she says, smiling into the crook of your neck.