Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ch...)

Monica and Jamie arrive early to your house to have a few quick drinks before the taxi arrives. Monica looks stunning in high heels — she’s already tall so it really sets off her long shapely legs. The dress she is wearing is light blue in color, tight-fitting, and is slightly longer than a miniskirt length.

Rachel is a much shorter and slighter build and looks tiny beside Monica, but is just as beautiful in a different way. You notice your girlfriend has gone to town on the makeup and hair, which is not normally her style. Her black dress is actually a bit shorter than Monica’s but she is wearing tights and flatter shoes.

You catch Jamie taking looks at your girlfriend. Normally she’s not dressed up so you can understand why he’s looking. Rachel’s outline shows off her fantastic tits. Monica’s are very large but work with her tall frame, Rachel’s are more noticeable due to her being so small.

“So you finally get your wish then, Monica?” you ask.

“I can’t believe we are finally doing this. It’s so exciting! I don’t know why I want to go. I think I like the idea of the women having all of the control and doing what they want. Are you sure you are okay with this, Rachel?”

You have been encouraging your girlfriend with the wine and you can tell she is nervous as she’s drinking more than normal. “I’m just a little scared. It will be fine. It’s only boobs and stuff.”

Jamie laughs. “I’ll remind you of that when you are up on stage!”

As Rachel looks horrified everyone bursts out laughing and Rachel relaxes as the taxi arrives.

On entering the bar, a payment booth is visible at the end of a small queue. There are about twenty people waiting to get in, with only two other women visible. After a few minutes you are at the front and pay the cover charge which includes waitress service and two drinks.

After entering through the door your eyes adjust to the lighting. A tall blonde in bikini briefs approaches you. She is topless with decent tits. “Hi, I’m Helen, your waitress for tonight, follow me.”

After getting comfortable in a side booth you all get a chance to look around. You are disappointed as it’s nothing like what you know a strip joint to be like. It’s more like Hooters. Sure, the waitresses are topless, but everything else is “clean.”

As the drinks arrive Monica speaks first. “Well this is a bit of a disappointment.”

Jamie and you try to find the positives. “Well it’s nice to try it and the beers cold,” you venture. “Entertainment might be good,” he says hopefully.

Rachel sits quietly, taking it all in. Suddenly music starts and four waitresses appear on stage. For the next few minutes they fondle each other’s tits and mock kiss and stroke over their clothes, pretending to be enjoying each other. Suddenly it finishes to a round of applause and some wolf whistles.

“Seriously?” Monica says, “Let’s get out of here.”