Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Fuckbuddy...)

As the white creAmy substance sprays all over Rachel she screams in delight. You manage a few more thrusts before pulling out and crashing down on the bed beside her. You both pant heavily as you rewind what just happened in your mind.

She suddenly flips onto you cowgirl style and smiles at you. “Want a footjob?”

Your all-time fantasy, your girlfriend giving you a footjob. You moan a bit as her feet, glistening with your cum, slide up and down your thick cock. She smiles at you, appreciating the pleasure she is giving you. Fuck, did you make the right choice to date this girl. You’re pulled away from your thoughts by the urge to cum.

“Rachel, I’m about to cum… again!”

“Just let it happen…”

You watch her slowly lower her head to your dick and put her delicate lips on your penis. You moan in pleasure as she fondles it with her tongue, until…

“I’m cumming!”

You watch Rachel’s mouth fill with your cum as you ejaculate. She smiles at you, cum dripping from her mouth.

Then she wipes it off and asks, “Blowjob?”