Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ch...)

“I’m sorry that got out of hand,” Rachel says to you the next morning at the breakfast table. “If I hadn’t suggested the hot tub with Monica, none of that would have happened.”

You look across at your girlfriend. “How are you feeling, er, back there?”

Rachel smiles weakly. “I’m a bit sore — his cock was massive and he shoved all of it up my ass repeatedly. I can’t believe he did that and you watched him do it. You just let another man fuck me anally so you didn’t get a beating and did nothing apart from get a hard-on. Did it turn you on another man fucking me?”

“No, no of course not,” you splutter.

“Well, explain why you are solid again?” says Rachel smiling at you. “So what was better, Ross? Monica and me with you, or watching Jamie and me?”

A knock at the door interrupts you at just the right time. Rachel goes to answer as you sit and try and let your erection die down.

Monica walks into the kitchen. “Morning!” She grins at you. “Thank you for last night. We had fun. Jamie can’t stop talking about your ass Rachel, you’d better watch it round him. He’s been wanting to do that for ages. I had fun as well though! You can both certainly keep a woman happy. Anyway, Jamie’s calmed down now so you are safe, Ross, he doesn’t want to kill you anymore.”

You physically relax in your seat, happy that it’s all over.

“He understands what men are like, he is one himself after all! He wants you to come to ours on Saturday night. Him and a few guys I think you know are watching the footy. Come about seven thirty.”

You look at Rachel, who shrugs her shoulders. “Er, great, no problem, I’ll be there.”

“Oh, it’s an invite for both of you. Jamie is still annoyed he never really got to see me and Rachel together so I said we would put on a half time ‘show’ for you boys. Rachel, I’ll pick you up around midday and we can go get lunch and plan what we are wearing. Just ensure you are smooth down below as that’s what Jamie likes. See you Saturday!”

As you and your girlfriend sit in silence Monica disappears out of the kitchen and you hear the front door close.

“I’m not a lesbian, this is going too far. I can’t do things in front of a group of men with another woman,” Rachel stammers. “Do you think the men will leave us alone? Will they want to fuck us? Ross, I can’t do it, I can’t let a bunch of men fuck me. What do we do?”

Despite the pleading look in her eyes you suddenly realize she has unzipped you and mounted your rock-hard cock.

“I can’t let them fuck me,” she continues as she rides you violently. “I’m not a slut, a dirty whore. Having men I don’t even know fuck me one after the other. Filling me with their cum. Cumming over my tits and face. I can’t do it, I can’t. Will they all have massive cocks like Jamie? Will they go one at a time or all together? Oh my God, I’m cumming!”

Rachel rides your cock and you feel a wave as she squirts all over your cock in an almighty orgasm. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” she sobs gently into your shoulder.

As you build towards your orgasm you can’t help but picture everything your girlfriend has just said. “Don’t worry darling, whatever happens I will still love you. It’s only sex after all. As long as I get to fuck you as well I don’t mind how many cocks you have. I actually think you would look pretty with your face covered in cum”

As your girlfriend stares at you with a shocked expression you cum bucket-loads deep inside of her.