Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ch...)

Rachel wakes you up on Saturday morning by sucking your cock. “Morning,” you say groggily, looking down at your girlfriend.

Rachel makes eye contact with you, then releases your cock from her mouth and gives you a smile. “Sorry I had a naughty dream and woke up randy so thought this was the best way of getting you in the mood.”

You smile at your girlfriend as she goes back to sucking your cock, “So what was the dream then?” you ask.

Rachel looks up and slowly releases your cock, wanking it slowly and licking the shaft as she tells you. “I don’t know what to say. With Monica it was fun and I had fantasised about that for ages but with Jamie it was fear and the unexpected that took me over the edge. I really don’t want to go tonight but in the same breath I can’t wait for it. To get it on again with Monica, taste her and feel her — I thought that was my biggest fantasy but doing it with a bunch of men watching us and wanting us just makes me so hot. I know what I did with Jamie, but that wasn’t pre-planned and tonight is. I really don’t want to be fucked by loads of men but the idea turns me on so much. How do we stop it getting out of hand?”

As much as you would like to be a superhero you know there is nothing you can do to stop Jamie and the rest of your mates tonight if they push Rachel too far. “Listen, what is it that you are scared of? You and Monica get off and play with each other at half time. Best case scenario you get groped a bit. I can’t see Jamie letting the others do anything to Monica so you should be okay. If it’s worst case, you get fucked by some of my mates. They are all married so are hardly going to say anything. It me who will have to put up with the fallout. I must admit seeing Jamie fuck you the way he did turned me on so much. I was so surprised I felt like that, but as I said last night, I would love to see you totally used. It really turns me on.”

“But I’m really not like that. I really can’t do it. I’m scared. Although the thought turns me on it’s just plain wrong.”

Looking at your girlfriend an idea pops into your head. “Rachel, you are not a slut and can’t do it but what if you pretended you were someone else, say Bambi? She can be the dirtiest, filthiest whore and you just act her part. She fucks who she wants when she wants. She’s got a different job to you and a different outlook. I could take Bambi tonight. She could go shopping with Monica. In the morning you are Rachel and not responsible for what Bambi did.”

Rachel thinks for a moment and smiles. “I’m your slutty whore Bambi,” she moans, sucking on your cock. “I need your cum, Fuck my mouth, I can’t wait to be fucked by your friends.” The dirty talk makes you cum quickly. Bambi sucks every last bit from you.