Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ch...)

Monica knocks on your front door at midday exactly. She is wearing a short, loose-fitting blue dress. It is extremely flimsy and very short.

You can’t believe what your girlfriend is wearing, a loose white top, black bra and very short pleated skirt. As she walks to the front door her ass sways giving you a glimpse of her underwear.“

“Rachel!” Monica exclaims, placing a kiss on Rachel’s lips with passion. Monica is taken aback as Rachel passionately returns the kiss, forcing her tongue into her friend’s mouth. “Wow,” Monica says, “that was nice and you look amazing, Rachel.”

Rachel looks at you and smiles. “Call me Bambi today. I always wanted to be a fashion journalist when I was younger so I can’t wait to find the best clothes for tonight. Do you know any good stores?”

Monica looks at you as she answers Rachel, “Yes but we also need toys and handcuffs and everything. I have a lot planned for half time.”

Rachel (or Bambi) comes across to you and kisses you deeply. “Well we are off out. See you tonight. I will meet you at Monica’s. I thought me and Monica might need to give Jamie a preview first.”

Monica grins. “Good girl, let’s go. Before we do though, you should take off those panties.”

Rachel quickly steps out of them and hands them to you. These are wet and warm to the touch. Then she unclips her black bra and wriggles out of it before handing it to you too.

The outline of her nipples are obvious in her white top. Looking at Monica she smiles, “I know you didn’t mention the bra, but I want to leave it here.”

Monica nods in agreement. “Great, see you at seven-thirty, Ross!”

With that your best mate’s wife and your barely-dressed girlfriend leave to go shopping. You don’t know what’s going to happen tonight but the result of the footy is the least important aspect.