Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Twiggy...)

You make sure the plug is deep inside Rachel’s ass, and with a few more spanks she knows her plug won’t be removed. Her butt is red raw. You grab it roughly and slap it some more, relishing her screams of pain and pleasure, before grabbing her hair in one hand, and grasping her ass cheek in the other. Then you rub the tip of your cock against her asshole.

Your girlfriend moans gently, anticipating you penetrating her ass, and not knowing how to feel. Helpless, she feels nothing but horniness as she prepares her hole for a potential fucking. And sure enough, you pull her hair, her head jilting back in fury, as your rock-hard dick enters her behind.

She groans loudly as your bell-end goes further into her ass, and cries louder as you yank her hair back towards your body.