Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ch...)

Rachel wakes early on her birthday and is excited about her presents and the day ahead. You have bought her jewellery, chocolates and a couple of books you know she wants. The final present is some money to buy an outfit for tonight.

Rachel looks at you and smiles, “I can’t believe we are going back to the strip club tonight. I am so looking forward to it. Are you sure you are okay with it?”

You look at your beautiful girlfriend who is smiling, slightly embarrassed at you. “I love you, you know that. I am looking forward to it as well. Listen, relax when we get there, whatever happens, happens. As long as you are happy, I am happy. I want you to enjoy your birthday. Monica’s got you a present I think you will want. Just to let you know, I’ve seen what she’s giving you, and I think you will love it. Just enjoy it.”

That night as Rachel comes down the stairs ready for the night out you cannot believe your eyes. Your usually shy girlfriend is wearing a very tight mini-dress showing off her fantastic tits and black stockings. As you move to kiss her, she gently takes your hand and pushes it under her dress. You instantly realize she is not wearing any knickers and that she is completely smooth. “I thought you might like me like this, no one but you will know, but it might be fun to flash a few guys, including Jamie,” she smiles.

Jamie and Monica arrive in the taxi. Monica looks stunning once again. This outfit shows off a lot of her tits as the top barely holds them in. Her black skirt wraps around her fantastic ass and is extremely tight. On the way to the club Monica and Rachel are talking in the back and giggling to each other.

It’s early so you stop off at a pub and start drinking. As it’s Rachel’s birthday, Jamie buys shots as well as wine and encourages Rachel to drink. You notice Monica is all over Rachel, constantly touching her knees and brushing her tits, with Rachel oblivious to the small touches and gropes. After a couple of hours the drinks are flowing freely. Jamie comes back with more shots, vodka for you and him and a fruit-flavored gin for Rachel and Monica.

Rachel is a little late taking her shot and everyone has done theirs. Just before she downs hers, Jamie says, “Yuk that was disgusting, that wasn’t vodka. I must have had the wrong one. That one’s mine!”

Rachel smiles at Jamie. “Ha ha, you’re not getting this one. It’s mine and it’s my birthday.” As she goes to drink it, Jamie in mock anger starts booing and hissing. Rachel stops and snorts a laugh. “Okay, okay, I will share it.”

Rachel knocks back the shot in one go and leans across to your best friend and starts kissing him deeply, allowing the shot to pass between them. You sit there taking in the scene as Jamie openly fondles your girlfriend’s right tit through her dress. As they break apart, Monica says, “That looked fun. We’d better do more of that later, I don’t want to miss out on my shots.”