Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ch...)

As you approach the club, it is obvious everyone is a bit worse for wear. This time, due to it being slightly earlier, there isn’t as many people in. On entering, Monica peels away to speak to one of the bouncers. He looks over and nods and points to a “Staff only” door.

Monica comes back across to the three of you. “Come on Rachel, I have your birthday present waiting for you!”

Rachel looks at you and you grin, kiss her deeply and whisper, “Enjoy,” as Monica pulls her away.

You and Jamie make your way towards the main stage where a woman is currently pushing the largest vibrator you have ever seen up her ass. It’s a fantastic sight but your stomach has butterflies as you feel sick and excited at the same time waiting to see what happens.

As Monica opens the “Staff Only,” door they are quickly met by a beautiful woman in her early thirties. “Hi, I’m Katherine the owner, you must be Rachel. I can tell by the photo.”

Rachel shakes her hand and Monica does likewise. “Wow, you are more than welcome up on stage anytime also.”

Monica smiles. “I would love to, but tonight is Rachel’s night.”

Katherine hands Monica a piece of paper and a pen. “If you can fill that out we can get started. I will send a couple of girls over to dress you.” She looks at Rachel. “Enjoy it, it will be fun.”

Katherine turns to leave and Rachel looks bemused at Monica. “What’s going on?”

Monica smiles and shows Rachel the form, titled “Volunteer Authorization.” It says, “Happy Birthday, you are going to appear on stage tonight as the Volunteer. They are going to dress you up and go through the ‘plot’ of what will happen on stage.”

Rachel looks open-mouthed at Monica. Although drunk and horny she can’t believe what she’s hearing, “But what about Ross, I can’t cheat on him, I love him.”

Monica smiles and decides to tell a little lie. “It’s all Ross’s idea, silly. He asked me to arrange it.”

Rachel remembers the conversation this morning with you and relaxes. “I need a drink.”

A bottle of wine is on the table in front of them. Rachel grabs it and pours a large glass and downs it in one.

“Right,” says Monica, “there’s a load of tick boxes we have to complete. Are you willing to have penetrative sex, rough sex, multiple partners, anal sex, watersports, sex with or without condoms? There’s also a box with any special requests. So what should we tick? I think to make it easy we just say yes to all? Okay?”