Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ch...)

The second guy goes behind your girlfriend and gently puts her on all-fours as she continues to suck the huge black cock. When she’s in position he lies on his back and lifts Rachel’s leg up and slides beneath her. He starts to suck and play with her tits. You can see Rachel wanting to get his cock inside of her as her ass is trying to lower itself to get her cunt onto his cock. ‘Her’ man circles round to her ass and pushes her onto the cock below in one full movement. As Rachel feels the full size of it the black guy is careful to keep her head on his cock.

After a few minutes Rachel relaxes into it, oblivious to the crowd around her. ‘Her’ guy is slowly wanking his cock, applying lube to it from a side table. He purposely strides towards your girlfriend and opens her ass cheeks to the audience the cock going in and out of her cunt. He then blocks the view as he lines his cock up with your girlfriend’s asshole.

You notice Rachel try to pull back but the black guy once again keeps a firm grip on her head, ensuring she can’t object as ‘her’ guy pushes his huge cock straight up her ass in one go. The guy on the bottom holds Rachel in place as she frantically tries to thrash around. After a few moments he starts to push and pull out of her, gently forcing her onto the other cock as he builds up speed.

The black guy suddenly pulls out and a huge stream of cum covers a Rachel’s face, tits and dress. It comes wave after wave. Rachel is gasping from the removal of the monster cock and the fight to be able to breathe.

Very soon afterwards both guys fucking Rachel stop and pull out. She is pulled into a kneeling position and starts to wank and suck them both before they too erupt over face, hair and tits.

As you sit there and look at your girlfriend absolutely covered in cum you really just want to cum yourself and hope that now it’s over you can finally fuck her.

The other white guy walks off stage and the others are about to follow, when ‘her’ guy says something to Rachel. She looks at you, smiles again and nods slightly.

With her assent the man nods at the black guy. He pushes Rachel onto all-fours again and starts to feed his monster cock into her cunt. It is in about four inches when you notice Rachel shaking her head ‘no.’ ‘Her’ guy says something again and Rachel answers. You see him smile and signal to the black guy to continue. Rachel looks alarmed but ‘her’ man sticks his cock in her mouth and holds her tight again as the black guy forces himself deep inside. He continues to ride Rachel’s cunt hard until he finally cums deep inside of her. As he deflates and pulls out, another huge tide of cum empties out of her. As if on cue, ‘her’ guy cums deep in her mouth, forcing Rachel to try and swallow it.

The black guy has a huge grin on his face as he stands up and helps your girlfriend to her feet. The voice on the speakers announces, “Please show your appreciation to Paul, Mark, Steve and of course to Rachel, our excellent volunteer. Rachel, there are twenty tokens of appreciation for you and your boyfriend to enjoy.”

As your girlfriend is helped from the stage to huge applause you realize life will never be the same again.