Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ch...)

“That was amazing,” Monica says to you, massaging your cock through your trousers.

Jamie smiles. “How the hell did she take that guy’s cock? It was ridiculous. That was the most amazing thing I have ever seen.”

Monica smiles at Jamie, still playing with your cock, “I think you want me to volunteer, so I will if that’s okay?”

Jamie grins at his wife, “Hell yes.”

Monica smiles at her husband and winks at him as she unzips your cock, right there in the club. Just as she is about to go down on you a bouncer approaches the table, which stops Monica in the process.

“Hi, er, sorry for interrupting but you are wanted back stage. Just the boyfriend.”

He looks at both you and Jamie is surprised to see your cock out when you stand up.

“Just through that door,” says the bouncer, nodding to the ‘staff only’ door. Hurriedly you push yourself back in and zip up. Monica smiles and turns to Jamie and unzips him instead.

As you walk towards the door you are bursting to cum and can’t believe you were that close to Monica sucking your cock.

Once through the door you are approached by a good looking woman. “Hi, I’m Katherine, you must be Ross? Rachel is this way. Did you enjoy that?” she asks as you walk along the corridor.

As you mumble a reply, Katherine stops and turns to you. Looking you in the eyes she smiles and tilts her head. “I really liked seeing her get fucked by Steve, the black guy? She took him all — that takes some doing. She’s going to be sore. What was your favorite bit?”

As you stand in silence you feel immensely awkward and sense Katherine is enjoying your discomfort. A beautiful woman is asking you what you liked about your girlfriend getting fucked by three men and she is waiting for an answer, not letting you get out of answering.

You look down trying to avoid her amused eyes. “Erm, I liked when he came on her, he came loads. I also liked when she did anal, she doesn’t…”

Katherine nods and cut in, “…let you do that? I’m sure you can now. Anyway, you are both welcome anytime.” She opens a door and, as you step through, another two women step out saying goodbye to Rachel and closing the door behind you.

Rachel is sitting on a red settee with a large glass of wine in her hand. Her black dress is back on fully but the front is covered in what you can only assume is cum. Rachel’s face has cum streaks on it and her hair looks matted. As she looks up at you, slightly worried, she starts to apologise.

“Listen, it’s, it’s okay as long as you enjoyed it,” you hear yourself say.

Rachel looks at you, “But do you still want me after this?”

You look at your girlfriend and it hits you how she looks like a dirty, hot slut and how much you love her. “Always.”

Rachel leans up and you gently lift her from the settee. She gently kisses you and as you kiss her back you can’t help but taste and smell the cum on her. She gently pushes you away, drops to her knees and pulls out your cock. Within seconds of sucking and wanking you erupt deep into her mouth.

Looking down on your girlfriend, another fresh load of cum, gently running down her chin, you can only smile at finally getting to release. “I love you, so much,” is all you can say.

Rachel crawls back onto the settee. As you sit down beside her she snuggles into you. “I’m exhausted,” she says, “and I feel like I’m really going to hurt. Did you see the size of Steve’s cock? I don’t know how he put that in me. The one up my ass seemed to go on forever. That, I kind of liked. I guess you will want to do that in the future?”

You dumbly nod your head as the door opens and the three men on stage enter the room. “Her” man introduces himself to you and then the other two. All three grin as they shake your hand, “You’re one lucky man, she’s amazing,” says Paul, and the other two agree. “You should’ve tried her ass, it was really tight, you are great,” says the second. Steve bends over Rachel right in front of you, “and any woman who can take me like you did, first time, is a keeper.”

Rachel looks at Steve slightly angry. “But I said ‘Rainbow,’ after the first bit went in me.”

Paul laughs. “I know, that’s what was so cool. Most women bail at that point but you, wow you, made sure we didn’t stop. Just when I thought you’d reached your limit you gave me the signal, so I gave Steve the nod! Thanks that was a blast.”

As the door shuts behind them Rachel sees her copy of her consent form on the table. In Special Requests section she realizes what is written, “If I say the word ”Rainbow“ I am loving it so do it harder/faster/more.”

Rachel is too exhausted to be angry with Monica. “Can we go home now please?” she asks.