Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ch...)

“This is amazing,” you pant, “Yes give me more.”

Rachel smiles at you, “Suck my cock you little whore,” she demands.

As you get on your knees she grabs your face and forces herself inside your mouth, fucking you hard. “Make it wet, you little slut, it’s going straight up your ass. I’m going to make you earn the right to be one of my girlfriends,” says your girlfriend as she pounds your mouth.

Rachel grabs her phone. “Good, ten minutes or so. Right, bend over the bed slut!” She pulls her ‘cock’ out of your mouth and you fall forward. “No, kneel on the floor, ass out and lie with your stomach on the bed!”

An almighty crack of the whip hits your ass. As you yelp in pain your erection grows stronger. After a few seconds you can hear your girlfriend behind you. “Slutty girls like you love anal. I’m going to fuck you so good.”

Suddenly and without warning you realize she has lubed up the red strap-on. Seven inches didn’t appear to be that big but when it’s being forced up your virgin asshole, regardless of the amount of lube being used, it feels massive.

As you try and fight the feeling, Rachel orders you to stop wriggling. After a few moments she gets into her rhythm and the sensation when the strap-on starts to leave your ass is bliss whereas when she pushes it deep inside it is a mixture of both pain and pleasure. Then, without warning, she removes herself from your ass.

“Stay there,” she commands and leaves the room. A few gloriously, painful minutes pass, where you want nothing more than to cum but are not allowed.

Finally you hear your girlfriend re-enter the room. “See, slutty girls are always slutty and always want fucking — even little cunts like you.”

Rachel lies on the bed besides your head, “Lift up your head.” As you do so she slides underneath you. “Suck my cock, you little slut. Nothing more than a young girl for me to do what I want. Tell me what you want to happen!” she demands.

In a very soft voice, while sucking on her ‘cock’ you reply, “I’ve been a very naughty girl and need to learn a lesson. Will you please, erm, push it up my butt again?”

Rachel laughs. “Do you want to be fucked up the ass slut? Fucked hard and without mercy? Feel the cum deep inside your bowels. Is that what you want?”

“Yes, yes,” you murmur as you suck the ‘cock’ in your mouth. As your head is pushed down onto the strap-on you suddenly feel a strange pair of hands spreading your ass cheeks. As you try and turn your head your girlfriend keeps your head on her ‘cock.’ “Little sluts don’t get to pick and choose their cocks. I get to do that for you.”

You can feel what instinctively you know is a real cock at your asshole. Within a second you know it’s inside of you, only an inch or so, no thicker than the strap on but oh so different. As it pushes deeper, you can’t help but feel the same feelings as with the strap-on but just more intense. You know you aren’t gay, but can’t deny that it feels good.

“Yes fuck her ass, she’s been a bad girl. Sluts like her deserve no mercy,” says Rachel. As the pace behind picks up it suddenly hits you that there’s a man fucking your ass and your girlfriend has arranged this.

Suddenly the strap-on comes out of your mouth as you are forced deeper into the bed. Rachel laughs as the man behind you starts to make a grunting noise. You realize as you feel his cock throb inside of your ass that he is pumping his cum deep inside of you. After what feels like an age you feel him deflating in you. As he pulls out you feel an emptiness and a wet sensation tricking down your balls.

Rachel pushes the strap-on back into your mouth, “Clean me up, slut,” she commands.

After a few moments she stops you as you hear the front door closing. “Well, little slut, you did well. I’m proud of you. Now go and get washed and changed. I want to fuck my boyfriend when he gets home.”

With that she pushes you off, gets off the bed and shuts the door behind you.

Shocked, you sit there. Your beautiful girlfriend, Rachel, has dressed you as a schoolgirl, fucked you with a strap-on and got a man to fuck you. “Oh my God,” you suddenly think, “Who the hell was that?”

“I’m waiting!” you hear Rachel shout from the bathroom. “Come and get washed and changed.”

Slowly and with a pain in your ass and cum dribbling down your leg you lift yourself off the bed and open the bedroom door heading for the bathroom.