Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by James...)

(Editor’s note: Proceed down this branch at your own risk!)

“I wanna fart on your cock!” exclaims Rachel.

“You wanna fart on my cock?” you reply.

“Yes, baby. I’m so gassy and I just wanna blow hot stinky farts on your cock! Maybe after I fart on it I could suck it, ya know, to taste my farts?” she replies.

Your cock instantly grows hard again. You’ve wanted her little stomach to fart on your hard cock from the first date, and now’s your chance.

“Please baby, just let me sit on your cock and fart. Just once, please baby?” Your girlfriend grabs your cock and starts playing with it, slowly stroking it.

“Baby, I’ve wanted your farts ever since we met,” you reply.

“Really?! Oh my god, I’m so happy right now!” With a big smile, she begins to bounce a little on the bed. You watch her tits bounce. You really have acquired a perfect ten.

Rachel climbs over you, with her tits on your face and your cock nestled comfortably between her ass. Your cock flexes with the idea of touching her butthole.

“Okay, Ross, are you ready?” she asks from above, rubbing her soft tits in your face, leaving a residue of sweat from the previous session.

“Ready!” you eagerly reply, your voice being muffled by the presence of tits.

Instantly, you feel a warm jet of air come out of her ass right on the tip of your cock, accompanied by an amazing smell of ass. This one was silent.

“Mmm fuck baby, did you like that? All that hot stinky ass?” she moans.

“Oh fuck yeah baby. Fart on my cock some more please.”

“Mmm okay.” You feel her wiggle her ass a little on your precum-covered cock. Her ass wiggling is a sight to see, but your face is covered in sweaty tits, and staring is not an option.

Bphhhhp! This was accompanied by a lovely moan from your girlfriend.

“Oh fuck baby, does that make you extra horny for me?” She drags her sweaty tits across your face from side to side.

“Mmm yeah it does baby. I love your farts so much baby,” you reply. The smell of her hot stinky ass is fresh in your nose.

Now it’s your turn to decide where she farts. In your nose? In your mouth? Or maybe she keeps farting on your cock.

“Hey, babe, maybe we switch it up?” you suggest.