Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Kdot...)

Your girlfriend is clearly lost in the cocks that she’s sucking. She isn’t even looking back to check on you anymore. She’s on her knees, buck-naked and ass to the crowd, sucking and jerking off the monstrous dicks surrounding her pretty face. And it’s making you desperately, hungrily horny. And the alcohol has only aggravated that.

Monica, your girlfriend’s best friend, is sitting next you, completely absorbed in the show. She’s wearing a red crop top that is stretched tight over her big tits. Around her waist is wrapped a tight black skirt, underneath which she has stockings on her long, shapely legs. You can feel the warmth of her body next to you, see her bosom rise and fall as she breathes heavily with arousal. You lean closer — her scent is intoxicating. You want to grab her. Feel her. Fuck her. You’ve always wanted to, and this whole strip-club business has only allowed things to come out in the open. She made out with you the last time you guys had come. And earlier she made that comment about a threesome…

You reach an arm around her and grab her waist. You stroke her back and her side. She turns to you with a wicked smile.

“Looks like someone is getting really horny.”

You lean in to kiss her and she kisses you back. You feel one cool, soft hand on your face and another hand rubbing the front of your trousers. Her lips are soft, smooth, and taste of strawberries and vodka. You kiss her hungrily — she smiles and gently pushes your chest, breaking the kiss.

“Easy, tiger,” she smiles, “or I’ll have to mount and fuck you right here, right now.”

You grin. She looks really hot and bothered, but still in control. You’ve always loved that about her. She’s the coolest woman you know.

Monica shoots a quick look around and unzips your pants, pulling out your aggressively erect member. Then she winks at her husband, and bends down to your lap, popping your cock into her mouth. You can’t help but moan — her mouth is warm and wet; and she knows just how much suction to apply. You rest one hand in her soft, luscious hair as she bobs her head up and down on your cock. You reach around her with your other hand and grab her large, ripe breast. You hear her moan as you squeeze and massage her tit. It feels amazing under your hand — and you just want to rip the clothes off her. You look at Jamie in front of you and he’s just grinning.

“Have fun, mate. She’s amazing, isn’t she?”

“Yeah! Fuck, this is amazing. She really knows her way around a cock,” you say, feeling his wife deep-throat you while she cradles your balls with her hand.

“Yeah, and so does your girlfriend, by the looks of it..,” he replies, turning back to watch Rachel. You look to the stage and are shocked for a moment. One of the men is holding your her up in the air by her legs while he fucks her pussy. And another man is pressed up behind her, with his cock inside her ass. The third guy is wanking and awaiting his turn. But your girlfriend’s naked body is squeezed between these two large men as she gets fucked in both her holes. And she’s taking it like a champ — daring the guys to go harder and faster and rougher. The people at the other tables are cheering her on too. She’s a regular Tori Black.

Seeing all this makes you even harder and you push Monica’s mouth all the way down your cock, and reach inside her top to grab her bare, naked breast. After hearing her gag once, you release her and she sits up again, wiping the saliva and pre-cum from her mouth, but leaving her top in disarray.

“Fuck, that was hot,” she says, looking at you and then her husband.