Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Kdot...)

“Wanna take it up a notch?” you ask Monica. She looks at Jamie, who shrugs. Then she looks at Rachel, who’s back to blowing all three guys. And then to you with a smile.

“Come with me,” she says and grabs your arm, pulling you out. She marches you past your pornstar girlfriend and to the men’s toilet. You two rush into the nearest vacant cubicle and lock the door. Once inside, she stands up against one of the side walls and smirks at you.

You step closer to her and kiss her. This time, she’s much more aggressive about the smooch. One of her hands is grabbing your hair from behind, the other is tightly wrapped around your cock, stroking it. She pushes her tongue into your mouth and you suck it, and in turn push your tongue past her lips too, which she sucks on. Your hands are where they’ve always wanted to be — one of them up her skirt and the other up her top. Her butt feels amazing — just as tight and pert as it looks. You can’t wait to smack it while you fuck her to see it bounce and ripple. She’s wearing a G-string you realize, and you tease her butthole with your fingers. It only makes her hotter.

Monica pushes you away, licking away the saliva string connecting your lips. Her eyes are dimmed with lust. Yours are, too. You quickly pull down your pants and she strips away all her clothes just as fast. And then she pushes you down on the toilet seat, and sits astride you. Her great, big naked and perky tits are in your face. She spits on her hand and rubs it on her pussy.

“I’ve always wanted you to myself,” she says, huskily.

“And I you,” you reply, as she sits herself down on your cock, letting it fill her up and stretch her out. You both moan loudly as you enter her depths. She’s tighter than your girlfriend — and wetter. Her tits are pressed against your chest. Your hands are on her ass cheeks. And your dick is buried balls-deep in her cunt. You could die here.

She slowly starts grinding against you. You inch your ass forward and lean back a bit so her tits are in your face. You latch on to one of her hard nipples and suck hard.

“Yes!” she screams, “suck my tits!”

Monica starts riding you harder and deeper and faster. You suck her tits as they slap your face. You squeeze fistfuls of her ass cheeks and administer the occasional slap, which she enjoys. Both of you are getting sweatier, hotter, and louder with time. She kisses you again as you both keep fucking — a wet, sensuous, hungry kiss. You notice yourself reaching the edge. You break the kiss and press your lips to her ear.

“Where do I cum?” you ask huskily.

“Inside me,” she says, her lips on your ear, “but wait. Not yet. We’ll cum together.”

You try to hold it off as she moves off your body, sitting up on your cock and bouncing up and down, her magnificent tits bouncing with her. She’s on the edge too. You move your hands closer to her butthole and push a finger inside. She screams, “Yes!” and stops bouncing, letting your cock stay balls-deep inside her. Obviously, you cum too — unloading a massive amount of cum deep in her womb. Once you’re both done cumming, she slumps her tired, sweaty body against yours with a smile.

“I love your cum inside me,” she whispers, “Push it deeper, go on.”

“Alright, get up.”

Monica pushes herself off you and you get off the toilet seat. She sits on it and spreads her long legs. You bend over her and push your still stiff cock inside her pussy. She moans as you thrust in and out of her.

“Fuck, yes! Push that cum deep inside me, Ross. Push it all the way in, I want it all the way inside me. Fuck yes!”

When you’re done, you finally pull your softening cock out and both of you start getting dressed. It’s time to go out and see what the fuck your girlfriend has been up to.