Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Wifes-out...)

Rachel and Monica lean in close and begin whispering to each other. It’s accompanied with lots of giggling and long up-down looks at you and Jamie.

“Why don’t we call it a flop and head back to our place and take it easy?” Rachel suggests.

It has been kind of disappointing so you catch a couple of cabs and head out.

“Boy do we have a surprise for you,” Rachel giggles as she reaches over to caress your chest. “Monica and I thought you two would appreciate us naked more than those waitresses and we could share a room while we fuck.”

You can’t hide the flutter of anticipation as your heart seems to skip a beat and then races under your girlfriend’s hand.

“Monica is telling Jamie, but we wanted to make sure it’s okay,” Rachel continues, cuddling closer to you in the back seat. “If it’s not, would you just enjoy watching Monica and I making out? And then Jamie and Monica could use the guest room.”

Your mind is racing with the possibilities.