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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by jason Drag...)

You are a bit surprised to see your girlfriend getting it on with her dad. He is a well-built man for his age with a thick seven-inch cock. Rachel is on her knees sitting on front of him, sucking his cock hungrily. The expression on her dad’s face is of extreme pleasure as if his dreams are coming true. He admits it to his daughter.

“Oh dear, I so wanted to fuck your pretty little mouth so bad. I have fantasized about you while having sex with your mom. You sweet sexy thing — aahhh!”

Rachel, on hearing this, sucks his cock even harder. In the meantime you see your dad walking towards them all naked while rubbing his cock. You can’t believe both of the dads are going to get it on with your girlfriend. You gotta admit she is, after all, really sexy and hot so it’s no surprise that even her own father wants to fuck her hard.

Your dad gets behind Rachel and spreads her legs slightly. She tries to look behind but her dad keeps her mouth in place while fucking it. Your dad is now rubbing his fingers on her pussy before then inserting them in. Your girlfriend moans, choking on her dad’s cock. Your dad starts fingering her pussy to get it wet, although you doubt it needs any more encouragement. Satisfied with his work, your dad then aligns his cock on Rachel’s pussy and slides it in. Both of them moan in ecstasy.

You can’t believe that Rachel is letting both her dad and your dad fuck her. Oh, she must be enjoying it so bad. Your dad is ramming his cock deep inside her pussy and her dad is deep-throating her. Tears are running from her eyes as she chokes on it but she urges them to continue, until her dad can’t take it anymore and gives one final push of his cock in her wet mouth. He cums with a groan. The cum is so much but your girlfriend is an expert at swallowing and she doesn’t let a drop fall out of her mouth.

On seeing this, your dad speeds up the fucking and really jams his cock in and out of her. Now that her mouth is free, your girlfriend is groaning out loud at each and every thrust. She must have come twice by now but your dad is showing such energy. He grabs her by the hair and pulls her back towards him. He turns her face upwards and gives her a long, hard kiss, sucking her lips as if to suck the life out of her, all the while fucking her hard. His hands are roaming on her breasts and pinching her nipples.

Rachel cums a third time and that pushes your dad over the edge as well. With a load groan he comes in her unprotected pussy. You guess it all stays in the family. Your girlfriend falls on her stomach on the rug while your dad lies on top her. They’re both really spent and out of breath.