Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Wifes-out...)

Both cabs arrive and you all head to the living room. Each couple takes a couch and there is a moment of hesitation, evident by silent glances.

Rachel breaks the ice by turning down the lights and playing some music before going over to Monica and guiding her up to dance.

At first it’s akin to awkward junior high dancing yet that quickly changes when Rachel steps behind Monica and whispers into her ear. Monica rests her head back as your girlfriend brushes the hair back to nuzzle into her neck. Their hands begin to roam over each other’s bodies. Monica is on display being in front and Rachel has her hands all over Monica’s stomach, teasingly under her tits and running up her legs to almost disappear under her skirt, before moving over her hips to firmly squeeze herass.

Monica reaches down with both hands and cups her inner thighs making an arrow framing what you desire most to see. Your cock is hard and uncomfortably erect, stuck down your pant leg and pitching an unhidden tent in your crotch. Rachel sees it and it makes her grind her friend even more.

Monica’s hands have now gripped her dress and she pulls it up over her head, leaving her standing in black and blue lace undies and bra. This causes the ladies to turn towards one another and passionately make out. It’s not long before Monica is unbuttoning Rachel’s blouse and slipping off her skirt.

Jamie audibly gasps as it is obvious your girlfriend went commando. Her neatly-trimmed pussy is on full display. Both girls giggle as they process the turn of events. Each one takes a look at her man as if waiting for approval. You adjusting your hard-on is all the confirmation Rachel needs. She returns to eagerly kissing her best friend as they both expertly remove the last scraps of clothing.

You’re crazy-horny and need to fuck something but should you let the lesbian show continue?