Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by James...)

“Can you fart on my face?” you ask.

Rachel lets out another big fart. This one vibrates your cock with force. “You want me to fart on your face, Ross? Oh this is gonna be good!” she answers.

She scoots her butthole up from your cock, onto your stomach, up your neck, and onto your nose. Immediately, you are greeted with an amazing mixture of her smelly farts and sweat.

“Right here?” she asks with a cute giggle.

“Yes baby, all inside my nose,” you answer, but once again, your voice is muffled, but with smelly ass this time. You don’t mind.

“Ok baby, here it comes!” Rachel says with absolute excitement.


There it is again. Another SBD. This one is the worst. The sweet smell of ass and sweat overcomes you, and you can’t help but moan a little.

“Did you like that?” she giggles again.

“Mmm yeah baby I loved it. I want more. Please baby, fart for me again!”

Your girlfriend wiggles her ass on your nose, rubbing the ass smell all over it.

“How does it smell down there?” she asks as she bounces up and down.

“Amazing!” you answer. The smell is very strong now.


Another big one on your nose. You pull her down by the thighs to trap the smell in, and lucky for you, it works. The smell stays in your nose for quite some time.

“Mmm baby, I bet you love smelling my stinky farts. Oh, I almost forgot! I wanna suck your cock now.” While staying on your face, she bends over to suck your cock. She takes the balls in first, then the cock.

She moans again. “Oh my god, this is the best cock I’ve ever tasted!” she says, with the cock still in her mouth, creating an odd muffled sound.


She never disappoints. Another great fart from your girlfriend on your nose. Smelly, hot and amazing.

“I’m gonna cum soon!” you yell from underneath her nice smelly ass.

As if she predicted it, she immediately scoots back down and places your cock into her butthole.

“I’m gonna fart again, so get ready to cum. Ready?”

“Ready!” you reply.

She wiggles her ass again, and finally, Pffffftplphh.

With one thrust, you explode in Rachel’s stinky ass. She moans as you do, and climbs off, letting all the cum fall off onto your cock.

“Thanks babe, you’re the best!” she says. “Let me know if you’re ready again!”