Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ch...)

You decide to test the waters by unzipping your pants and freeing your cock. Jamie, looking relieved, does the same. Rachel and Monica are too far into each other to notice at first. As you and Jamie face each other with the girls in between and you both start slowly wanking your cocks.

Rachel finally notices and smiles. She casts a glance at Jamie and her grin widens. “Monica, I think our men are enjoying the show.”

Monica breaks away from kissing your girlfriend and looks over in your direction. “Ooh, you’re right!” She kisses Rachel again. “So, do you want us to help these boys out? Would you mind if I sucked Ross’ dick?”

Rachel smiles and looks at you. “Well that depends on Ross. He knows what I will be doing if he says yes.” She starts to kiss Monica’s tits and roll her nipples between her fingertips.

“So, Ross,” purrs Monica with her head thrown back and her long dark hair cascading down her shoulders, “would you like me to suck your cock?” She winks at you and licks her lips. You understand the trade off but desperately want Monica’s lips around your cock, so you nod your head.

Rachel smiles and moves away from Monica. “Well, I better show you what he likes,” your girlfriend says as she walks towards you, her nakedness taking your breath away. You can see Jamie watching her ass and wanking slowly, full of lust for her.

Rachel reaches you, bends down, and kisses you on the lips. “Have fun,” she whispers. Suddenly she pulls away, turns around and sits next to Jamie. “Why don’t you sit with Ross, Monica? If Jamie doesn’t mind, I will show you on his cock what Ross likes.”

Jamie grins and his hard-on gets bigger. “You don’t know how long I have wanted you to suck my cock Rachel,” says your best friend.

Rachel smiles and bends over his huge erection. Just before she reaches the tip she stops, smiles and turns her head. “Ross loves it when I lick the head real slowly. Move your hand Jamie, this is my toy now.” As Jamie removes his hand Rachel replaces it immediately with her own. You look on in wonder as your girlfriend slowly wanks your best friend and starts to lick precum from the tip of his cock.

You feel Monica wrap her fingers grab around your cock. “Jamie prefers it when I do this,” she whispers, and she suddenly takes the full length of your cock in her mouth. Explosions erupt in your head. Your best mate’s wife is sucking your cock while you watch your girlfriend licking his.

Rachel smiles and deepens her sucking on Jamie’s cock. “Ross likes pretending I’m a slut when I suck his cock. He has fantasies of big cocks like this fucking me.”

Monica continues the conversation as if you and Jamie were mere pawns in a game of chess. “Jamie just likes me to suck him,” she lets go of your cock and pushes two fingers deep in her mouth before returning to your cock, “while I push a finger or two up his ass.” The wet sensation on your anal passage is both erotic and unexpected. You feel her fingers grabbing and pushing at you. As you gradually give way she lubricates them again.

Jamie looks dazed as your girlfriend is sucking and wanking him. “Ross says,” Jamie mumbles to Rachel, “that you give great titty wanks.”

Rachel looks at you shocked that you have told your mate that this is your favorite kink but relaxes as she realizes you are both way past the embarrassment stage. “Like this?” she asks, and she shoves her cock between her tits and starts rubbing up and down. “Jamie, cum on my face. I want your hot spunk on me. I want all of Ross’ friends to use me, fuck me and spunk all over me!”

Jamie cums with an almighty surge just as Monica pushes two fingers up your ass and sucks your cock fully. The combination makes you explode down her throat. As she pulls off your cock the second blast hits her face.

Rachel giggles at Monica. “Heh! That’s my boyfriend’s sperm and I want it.” Both girls start to lick the spunk off each other’s faces as both you and Jamie sit back open-mouthed, watching the fantastic spectacle in front of you.

Rachel looks at Monica. “That was very nice but my cunt is still empty and aching to be filled. Do you think these two are up for it?”

Monica smiles and looks at the growing cocks. “I’m sure they will be. Jamie can’t wait to get his cock inside of you.”

Rachel straddles Jamie’s cock and lowers herself onto it. “Oh my God, that’s big!” She looks at Monica. “Well, be careful as Ross likes anal if he gets the chance.”

Monica looks at you. “I won’t let Jamie up there, he’d split me open, but you are smaller. Maybe later.” She copies Rachel and lowers herself onto your cock. Side by side on the carpet, you and your best friend are lying on your backs with each other’s girl riding your cocks. They both lean across and start kissing each other again.

The feeling and the view is sending you into overdrive and it is not long before you are shooting your load deep in your mate’s wife. As you come down from the ecstasy of orgasming, Jamie is still hammering away in Rachel. As she is riding his cock Rachel looks at you. “He’s going to make me, he going to make me, oh, oh arggh!”

Rachel continues to move up and down his cock as Jamie erupts inside of her. As he rolls off the four of you lie spent on the floor. As you look at your naked girlfriend and then your best mate’s wife both naked with cum still evident on their faces and leaking out of their cunts you can’t believe how fantastic that was.