Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

You hurriedly pick up your phone. It’s Rachel.

Rachel: Sry I took so long. Had a meeting with my boss John.

You: Got busted flashing your boobs hey?

Rachel: No! Way better than that!

This gives you pause for thought — your girlfriend appears to be implying that getting caught flashing her boobs by her boss is a good thing? You decide that it’s just part of the texting and go along with it.

You: Glad you’re not completely disappointed

Rachel: Haha. Seriously tho John’s sending me to that conference I asked about! Leaving tomorrow!

You: Cool!

Rachel: Yeah! This could be so fun. Imagine getting sexts from your little slut girlfriend when she’s away in another city… with 3 male co-workers… for a whole week

You: Haha… you and 3 guys from work? Sure thing lol

Rachel: I’m sure the guys would be happy to help a lonely girl out

You: Pics or it didn’t happen haha

Rachel: You’ll be too far away to do anything about it… so a few pics sounds fair

Reaching down to adjust the boner in your pants, you shake your head in wonder at how quickly Rachel got so good at this. In a few hours she has you half convinced she’s going halfway across the country to get it on with three guys from her work. The funny thing is that, judging by the ache in your balls, you’re half-hoping she does. Before you can reply, Rachel texts back.

Rachel: Gotta go book flights and hotel rooms for us all. C U at home xxx

You distract yourself by answering a few emails but it doesn’t work — you can’t get the thoughts of your sexy girlfriend flirting with her work-mates in another city out of your mind. Opening your phone, you scroll back through the texts finally coming to rest at the pic of her smiling at you with her cleavage on display. You decide that there is nothing for it, and head off to the bathroom and rub one out so you can concentrate on finishing a boring report you’re working on. It takes longer than you expected and it’s six PM before you know it. Quickly saving the document, you email it off you your team leader and rush out the door.

After an uneventful trip home you walk in the door, calling out to Rachel as you head into the bedroom. Rachel is standing with her back to you, scratching her head while looking down at a pile of clothes and her suitcase. You notice that most of the clothes are her usual work attire, but some of it certainly isn’t. You walk over and grab your girlfriend from behind and kiss her neck.

“Oh! Ross! I didn’t hear you come in!” squeals Rachel, turning around to kiss you. “I guess I was too busy trying to figure out what to pack? There’s going to be a cocktail reception and a dinner, so I need some proper dresses. I figured you like the ‘slutty but classy’ look. Will these be okay?” she asks, holding up two of the new dresses and stepping back to show you.

The first one is a classic “LBD” with a deep V-neck and looks to finish about half-way down her thighs, with a zip up the back. The other one is bright red with a round neck-line and buttons down the front. It’s longer than the LBD, but the buttons only go down to the knee. Looking over to the bed you see a set of matching black lacy bra and panties with sheer thigh-high stockings lying next to a similar set in light cream. On the floor you notice two pairs of three-inch high heels, each a perfect match for the dresses. You nearly jizz thinking about your girlfriend wearing any combination of the clothes in front of you — the whole idea is a wet dream. You step forwards and push Rachel back onto the bed and kiss her, pushing her dress up to her waist.

Rachel giggles in delight. “Well, well! Seems like you’re happy with my new outfits?”

“You have no idea babe,” you whisper unzipping your pants. As you pull Rachel’s panties aside, you grunt “I wanna do you so bad!” and thrust your throbbing dick inside her moist hole and start banging her for all you are worth.

“Oh yeah Ross, that’s it! Fuck me so hard. Fuck the shit outta me!” Rachel moans as you pump her harder and harder. “Do ya think… this is what… the guys are gunna… want to do… to your little slut… slut girlfriend?” Rachel gasps between breaths, “Do you think… think I should… wear them… for the… the… the guys?”

Rachel’s last question sends you over the edge and you come so hard you almost pass out.