Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

You roll off your girlfriend completely exhausted and she gets off the bed. Her body is glowing and covered in a sheen of moistness as she stands up and carefully folds the dresses. Looking down below the bunched-up dress she is still wearing you see a river of cum dribbling down her thighs, almost reaching her knees. Privately you congratulate yourself on a job well done.

Seeing your smile, and where you’re looking, Rachel giggles. “I’ll take that as a ‘yes’ then!” and wanders off to the bathroom.

Slowly standing, you zip yourself up and head down to the kitchen to rustle up some dinner, stepping over the pile of dresses, underwear and shoes as you go. Eventually Rachel joins you, placing the suitcase near the front door. It’s like nothing has happened. She’s dressed in her usual track-pants and sweat shirt. The conversation is normal, and you both spend a lazy evening watching Netflix. You decide that the seriously good fucking you gave Rachel must have done the trick — it’s out of her system. Oh well, she’ll be ready for another one when she gets back.

Walking into the bedroom you notice it’s tidy once again. The clothes appear to have been neatly put away. Still tired from the evening’s events, you drift off to sleep.

You’re wakened by your girlfriend kissing you. It’s not the usual “good morning” kiss. Her mouth is hot and wet, her tongue pushed deep into your mouth. As you reach out to grab her, she pulls away. “Gotta go, my Uber is here! Keep that thought though! I’ll be sure to keep in touch…” she giggles, “…if I get the time!” She runs out of the bedroom and you lie there thinking about what Rachel meant as you hear the front door close.

Work that day is just terrible. Every time you hear a phone beep, you think it’s yours, and you can’t get any work done. Only once is it actually for you and it’s a simple txt from Rachel. “Arrived safe and sound! Luv ya xxx”.

In frustration, you head home after a long day. As you walk in the door, your phone beeps. It’s a text from Rachel.

Rachel: Great day so far! Learning lots

You: Good! You’ve been looking forward to this. Enjoy!

Rachel: I have, and I will… Sadly no copiers with paper jams needed fixing

You smile to yourself. Looks like she was all bluff then. Although you think, if you play your cards right, you might get another good pic to add to the one from yesterday!

You: That’s a shame. Never a good copier around when a girl needs one hey?

Rachel: Well, there is the reception tonight! Gotta go and get ready. C U xxx

Your mind starts to race, and you head up to the bedroom to check the wardrobe for the “new” dresses, underwear and shoes. After an age of rummaging about, they’re nowhere to be found. Surely your girlfriend didn’t actually take them? Just as you decide to have one last look, your phone beeps. It’s a classic mirror selfie with a caption, “Thought you might like to see my new outfit.”