Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Robert...)

As you both recover her phone rings. As Rachel answers the phone you know it’s her best friend Monica.

“No give us about thirty minutes and come on over,” she says. As she hangs up she tells you Monica is coming to bring her book back to her. As your girlfriend heads to the shower your dick is still hard.

You’ve always wanted to fuck Monica. Her small tits, round butt and sexy grin always turns you on.

Rachel emerges from the shower and sees your still-hard dick. “You better do something with that before Monica gets here, I can’t believe you are still hard, that pill is really something!”

“I have an idea what to do after she gets here,” you tell her with a laugh.

Rachel grins and says, “You’ve always wanted to fuck Monica haven’t you? Well if she says yes today and you are still hard, then go for it!”

Monica arrives, looking very sexy in a tight dress. She grins at you with that sexy grin and says, “Hi Ross!”

After small talk you stand up and Rachel says, “Wow, you are still hard!”

Her friend blushes and grins and says, “I have noticed since I have been here and wondered why.”

Your girlfriend explains what you have been doing all morning.

Monica smiles. “Can I see it?” she asks.

“Only if I can see your tits,” you say.

She grins with that sexy grin and removes the top of her dress. Her small tits fall out since she is not wearing a bra. You reach down and pull down your shorts and your hard dick falls out. “Wow,” she says as she sees the dick, then turns to your girlfriend and says, “You said it was something, but this is really something. Can I touch it?”

Your girlfriend says “sure” and Monica walks over and holds it and offers it to Monica. She touches your dick and electricity goes though your body.

Monica says, “I want to taste it, can I?”

Your girlfriend says, “go for it.” Monica gets on her knees and puts your dick in her mouth and again the electricity goes through your body. She brings you close to coming but you pull it out of her mouth and say, “now it’s your turn.” She pulls up her dress and pulls down her sexy panties. You get your first look at her pussy and you take a dive into that sweat pussy, licking it as she groans.

Rachel watches this and takes off her clothes. “Ross has always wanted to fuck you, Monica, and that blue pill still has him hard, do you want to fuck him?”

“What do you think?” replies Monica.

“Well he’s is pretty horny right now so let’s use this cream on him so he will not come so quick.” Rachel spreads the man-delay on your dick and it takes effect. You mount Monica missionary style and start fucking her as your girlfriend watches. Monica moans and groans with orgasms as her tight little pussy holds your hard dick.

Rachel starts touching Monica’s breasts and she moans louder. Then Monica suggests, “let’s do it doggy-style,” and you switch positions. Your hard dick goes in her tight pussy all the way to your balls. Your girlfriend is still sucking on her breast as you fuck her.

After about thirty minutes the man-delay wears off and you feel your balls start to spasm with the climax coming. You pull out of Monica and your girlfriend grabs your dick and gives it a couple of tugs as you spray cum all over the two of them. Monica collapses in a heap on the bed and all she can say is “wow.”

You are still hard. “Now what?” your girlfriend asks.