Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Heatmyzer...)

A fight ensues and Rachel slips out of the train in the commotion. Waiting for another train headed back wouldn’t be a good idea at this point. On shaky legs, still reeling from her first orgasm, she heads to the streets above.

It’s still raining and there’s about eight men waiting for the bus. Thankfully none of them notice her as she grabs a discarded child’s rain coat. Miles from home with no money for the bus, she thinks about using her body to get the bus fare but she’s not that kind of girl.

Not wanting the men to see how slutty she is dressed, she walks around them in a wide circle, allowing the rain to soak her top anew. She savors the feel of every drop that hits her rock-hard nipples.

A bus arrives and as the back door opens she slips into the rear of the bus. As this is the last bus of the night it is completely packed. So packed that no one notices the sexy, masked girl, all soaking wet, slip past them. There being standing-room only, she slips a wrist into a strap for support. She can see her reflection in the widow, how sexy she looks, and she begins to drip anew.

Rachel is standing in front of the bench seats filled with men, still covering her breasts with the tiny rain coat. A second strap becomes available and she instinctively sticks her other wrist through. The men in front of her stare, their jaws falling to the floor as they gaze at her rock hard nipples, her D-cup breasts fully exposed through her wet top.

She feels a long shaft measuring the length of her butt cheeks as it shoves her forward. As she is forced into the man in front of her he sucks her nipple through her top. The man next to her does the same as she feels massive hands grip her hips. The cock pressing against her from behind feels enormous and her mind reels at the thought of what could happen. She sprays the men in front of her with a shivering orgasm and they hungrily lap up her pussy juice.

Rachel hears a gruff voice say, “I’m going to fuck you, bitch!”

“No! Please!” she breathlessly objects as she is lifted from her feet, her wrists still bound, hungry mouths feeding at her breasts…

And then it happens. Impaled, in one swift motion. Dick so deep inside she sprays her ecstasy all around. In one motion it breaks through everything, so tight that she can feel it swell, and with only the first stab he comes, deep inside her. The feeling of his massive cock, spraying his evil cum, so deep inside of her unprotected pussy, forces her again to spray all over the men in front of her.