Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

The medium build guy pipes up. “Are you okay? Maybe a massage might help? We can’t have you go home to your boyfriend with a striptease-related injury!” Everyone laughs, including Rachel. “Seriously though, I’d be happy to give you a good working over if you want. I’ve got magical fingers…”

Rachel, still laughing, replies, “Okay, but you have to promise not to take advantage when you, um, ‘work me over’!”

“Sure thing, I’ll do my best!”

Rachel lies down across the end of the bed and looks over facing the camera, only a few feet from her head, and says, “Now for the second act. Here goes!”

The medium build guy walks over and straddles her back. He starts massaging Rachel’s shoulders, then moves on to her neck. Your girlfriend lets out a sigh. “Oooohhh, that’s fantastic. Hmmmm… this is just what I needed…”

“Your upper back looks like it’s full of knots, Rachel, but I can’t do a proper job with this pesky bra in the way,” states the guy. Without waiting for a response he unclips it. “There, that’s much better I can really go to work now!” He continues, sliding the straps down to Rachel’s sides.

You can clearly see the swell of your girlfriend’s boobs now free of the confines of the bra. This doesn’t escape his attention either, and he lets his hands drift down, caressing the plump side-boob. Rachel starts to move, but he tells her to relax and actually pushes his hands underneath, giving her boobs a soft squeeze. You can hear your girlfriend’s breathing become louder and she sighs.

He then moves down to sit on the bed behind her feet, removes her high heels, and gives each stocking-clad foot a brief rub. Next he lifts each leg in turn and kneads her beautiful calves. Rachel is now breathing much more deeply and rapidly, and the sighs are more low moans than anything else.

His hands then roam higher up to her thighs, slowly pushing Rachel’s legs apart. At first she resists, but he is persistent and she eventually relents, letting him spread her legs. He spends several minutes gently rubbing and caressing the back of your girlfriend’s thighs, occasionally moving up to her ass giving each cheek a thorough squeeze. Slowly he moves his hands to the inside of Rachel’s soft creAmy inner thighs. His hands move higher and higher, and eventually he is clearly running his fingers along her labia. Rachel responds, quietly moaning and pushing her ass back towards his probing fingers. He looks up at the camera and nods as he stands.

Someone picks up the camera and moves in to the foot of the bed. It pans along Rachel’s whole body, spread out on the bed like a sacrifice. The camera traces her semi-naked form, lingering on her side to get an exquisite view of the swell of her boob squashed underneath her. It then moves to her plump heart-shaped ass, barely covered by the black lace panties.

Finally, the camera closes in Rachel’s face. She smiles into the camera and blows you a kiss, “I still can’t believe you chose this video! Well, here goes Act Three!”

You know Rachel can’t hear you, so you just sit there staring at your girlfriend’s smiling pretty face, stroking your rock hard dick and waiting to see what happens next.