Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ktod...)

You’re not sure. You’ve just cum twice in a row — once on your girlfriend’s feet and then in her mouth… and your cock’s feeling a little sore. This game she’s playing is super exciting but how long can you go for?

“I guess, sure.”

“Awesome,” Rachel replies, before popping your softening dick in her mouth, which is filled with your cum. You can’t help but moan when you feel her soft lips and tongue around your cock, and the cum in her mouth is just making things… slippier. She looks up at you with a smile, the little minx. She swallows your previous load while still keeping your dick in her mouth.

“Holy fuck, babe!” you exclaim, looking at her in wonder as she proceeds to give you a wet blowjob. Slowly, your dick has grown to nearly full length and hardness. But it’s also hurting like hell.

Rachel grabs your balls and starts massaging them while she “gak-gak-gaks” all over your dick. You grab a fistful of her hair and pull her all the way down on your cock. You can feel your dick moving from her mouth and down into her tighter throat. She takes it all the way in, with her nose resting at the base of your dick. She flicks her tongue out from underneath your shaft, which is driving you insane. You let go of her hair and she pulls off your cock, coughing up spit on your balls. Her eyes look teary. You reach forward and grab her naked breasts, squeezing them. She lathers up your shaft with her tongue and saliva, and jerks you off while pushing her tongue against your pee-hole. She’s a fucking porn star, this girl. If this was any other day, you already would’ve cum by now.

“I’m sorry it’s taking so long, babe…” you begin but she shuts your lips with her hand. She moves her other hand down from your balls and starts massaging your perineum.

“Relax,” she says, momentarily taking your dick out of her mouth, “I’m having fun. I want to see how far you can go.”

You nod your assent and she takes her fingers off your lips and back to your shaft. She’s jerking you off into her mouth with one hand while massaging your perineum with the other. She goes on with this for several minutes, and you desperately want to cum but you just can’t seem to get there.

“Come on, baby, cum for me,” Rachel says, sounding out of breath, “Just cum for me. Come on, give me that load. I know you have it in you, Ross. I felt it in your balls. Give it to me. Come on, cum for me!”

You close your eyes and try to focus.

“…in my ass…” you whisper, trying desperately to cum.

“What?” she asks.

“Your finger.”

You feel her spit on your anus. She pops your dick back in her mouth, and she sticks one slender finger inside your butt, sending you over the edge. You’re about to shoot your third load of the night. Only question is — where on her body does she take it?