Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Dick...)

After a night of steamy sex as your reward for letting her fuck her student, your beautiful girlfriend gets up an hour earlier just to get ready. You watch her prep up like a woman about to get married. Rachel shaves her legs and her sexy pussy, applies light makeup to her face and wears that sexy tight top and short skirt. She purposely chooses not to wear a bra, or panties. That asshole student of hers is so damn lucky, but you know this is only lust.

After a few hours of college Rachel meets with Victor, who clearly can’t be less subtle about wanting to fuck her. He leans in close. “Ma’am you look quite fuckable. Might I get down and dig in?” he asks. He knows she is dressed up for him and it is him she wants.

She shakes her head. “Not yet. How about I give you detention and you take me to your favorite spot in school?”

You stand outside, staring at them, shocked at what she is saying.

After school ends there he is, waiting for your girlfriend. They sit in the classroom for ten minutess just staring at each other. It takes you a few minutes to realize what he is looking at. There is nothing obstructing his view, so he can clearly see her naked pussy and is having a fun time imagining entering it. There is a small tent in his pants. You really hope he can satisfy her because you don’t want her to try this again.

Rachel stands up and walks to him. Placing her hands on his desk she bends over, giving him a view of her sexy boobs. “So captain where do you want me?” she asks, and even you feel chills going down your spine.

“Well, I have always wanted to fuck you at the teacher’s table,” he says, standing up and lifting her and placing her on the table. He doesn’t wait at all and starts roughly kissing her as he gets between her legs.

Victor puts his hand in Rachel’s cleavage and tears the top and throws it aside. “I’ve imagined these tits!” he says, smirking as he stands in front of his bare-titted teacher. He then tears her skirt as well, leaving her completely naked.

This turns you on even more. You have your girlfriend naked in school and she doesn’t have a car to come back home. How sexy is that?