Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ch...)

Angry and confused you look at your girlfriend. “What do you mean it’s a little fetish? Do you fuck them?!”

Rachel looks at you, shocked. “No, no I wouldn’t cheat on you, I only suck their cocks. It’s just something I have to do. I love you!”

As you stand there speechless, Rachel looks down and suddenly notices your hard cock. “You are so disgusted at me, but this” — she grabs your bulging cock — “says you are not as angry as you claim.”

You didn’t even realize you had a huge hard-on. Can it be true you want your girlfriend to be a slut? Why are you hard when your girlfriend’s just admitted sucking other men’s cocks? You then realize that you were a little disappointed when she said she never fucked them. What’s going on?

“How did you get into this? I mean have you always done it?”

Rachel looks at you and turns her eyes downwards towards the floor, “I have been faithful to you ever since we got together, apart from the last three weeks or so when I started going to Xotics. Well I mean since we got serious, I did fool around a bit before we got serious, and before we got together I was a bit wilder than I admitted too…”

So many questions enter your head at once. “Why did you go to Xotics?” You know this is the massive porn shop in the seedy part of town.

Rachel smiles at you ruefully. “Remember the fancy dress party we went to where I went as Catwoman and needed a last minute outfit because my costume didn’t fit? John, my boss, suggested that, as it was last minute, they would probably have a PVC outfit there. I swear I didn’t even know about the back rooms.”

You remember the outfit, it was amazing and showed off your girlfriend’s amazing figure. You also remember she kept going missing throughout the night and your mind starts jumping to conclusions.

Rachel continues. “I went into the store at lunchtime and I thought it would be empty. There were actually four blokes in there and one behind the counter. I couldn’t believe what was on sale, all those toys. Hardcore porn was playing on a big screen. A woman was being fucked by three men while wanking another two. The man behind the counter looked up and looked at me. I quickly grabbed the catsuit and placed it on the counter. As I paid he pointed to a curtain at the back of the shop and said, ”If you leave that way, you can see the Triple-X stuff before you go. I bet a little lady like you wouldn’t last two minutes in there. The door just pushes open so you can exit to the side street when you are finished. Or you can walk out the front way.“

“I was angry and annoyed at him and to be honest a little turned on. I smiled at him, paid the money and turned and walked through the curtain.”

Rachel physically shivers as she continues the story and you realize she has just had a small orgasm reliving the day. “Inside the room was a chair, a big black chair on wheels, and as my eyes got used to the light I saw two holes in the wall, about three inches round, and waist height. I later found out these were called glory holes, it’s amazing what you learn on Google. As I turned and looked at the other wall the porn film was playing on a huge screen. For some reason I sat down, the film was turning me on. I pushed my hand under my skirt and started to play with myself in the privacy of the room. Suddenly a cock appeared through one of the holes. My brain told me to leave, so I jumped up, my hand was on the door and suddenly, before I realized, I had reached out and was wanking this eight-inch cock with my other hand. It mesmerised me. I drew the foreskin back and forward, gripping slightly harder. I don’t know why, I think because there was no man, only a cock, that it wasn’t real. As I wanked it I drew closer to it and my mouth seemed to take over as I started to suck it. As I moved my mouth back and forwards and wanked it a second cock appeared in the other hole. I guess I felt so… so wanted, I couldn’t help myself. I swallowed seven loads of cum that day. My wrists and jaw hurt so much but I was on fire. I felt desirable. I came home and we fucked for hours.”

You remember the night well. Rachel was insatiable, she called herself a whore and rode you hard. It was arguably the best sex you have ever had together.

“I tried to keep away,” Rachel continues, “But I can’t. I go there two to three times a week. I’m scared I’m going to fuck them. I can’t stop sucking cock but if you go with me, maybe you will understand. Maybe you can stop me taking it further.”

It turns out Rachel has sucked about forty cocks in the last three or so weeks. You sit there shellshocked. “So what now?” you ask your girlfriend.

Rachel smiles nervously at you. “Well, I’m going to Xotics tomorrow at one o’clock. It’s not as hardcore during the day. You can leave me, stay here knowing what I’m doing, or come with me. The choice is yours. Please come with me!”