Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Fuckdot...)

You tell Rachel that you’re spent for the night, and she eats your cum off your cock before sleeping right next to you. You drift off — dreaming about your dirtiest fantasies.

You wake up and she’s not next to you. You hear her brushing in the bathroom in her strapless black top and silk panties. You get up and march over to her, erect cock swinging wildly in front of you. You hug her, letting your erection poke her soft butt, and you kiss her neck. She rinses her mouth before turning around and kissing you.

“You look ready to go again,” she says, rubbing your dick.

“Oh, I am, babe.”

“Cool, just give me a minute, I’ll be right out.”

“I don’t think so,” you reply, closing the bathroom door. She looks at you, intrigued and a little shocked. You keep talking.

“I think I’m going to stay here. And watch you. And maybe have some fun, why don’t you just go ahead with your business?”

Rachel smirks at you, pulls down her underwear, and sits on the pot. You both look into each other’s eyes — waiting for it. After a few seconds, you hear the first plop, and you both know what it is. A second drop in the water, and a third much smaller one. You two never break eye contact, and you’re harder than ever.

She reaches for the toilet paper but you stop her. You tear off a bit and ask her to stand up. She stands up after a moment, turns around, and bends over slightly. You kneel down in front of her ass. You know that smell. You love that smell. You clean her with the toilet paper, doing a thorough job, and give her ass cheek a little kiss when you’re done.

“Do you have something for me?” you ask her.

“I do, my love,” she replies, and you see her body tense up. You hold her ass, bring your nose close to her butt, and wait. And then you hear her rip out a loud fart. A loud, filthy fart. And you take it all in.

“Fuck, babe, do it again!”

She lets out another one. You love it. Fresh from the oven. You press your nose into her asshole and inhale deeply. Her sweaty, dirty ass cheeks are smothering you. She farts again. You want to taste her. You open your mouth and start eating. You hear her moan loudly and you keep going. You eat her asshole. And you can taste what came out of her a few minutes ago. And you love it. Your tongue reaches deeper inside her, wanting more. And she’s farting — right into your face.

You’re too horny to play around anymore. You stand up, spit on your dick, and shove it inside her wet, dirty, smelly asshole. You hold her up by her elbows and hammer into her anus.

Rachel screams and moans as she cums from anal pleasure. It drives you over the edge too. You start cumming in her butt and keep fucking her until you’re finished. When you’re done, you’re both spent.

You make your way to the bed and collapse on each other. Your cum is leaking out her asshole. You can still smell her farts on your nose. What more could you want? You could fart on her face? Or you could bring in some other girls? And is it possible that your girlfriend is into scat?