Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Fuckdot...)

“Tomorrow, my best friend Monica is going to be here. And we’re going to have some fucking fun!” Rachel says eagerly, and you go to sleep, excited for tomorrow.

The next day, you’re woken up by the doorbell. It’s mid-morning. Your girlfriend is still very naked and asleep next to you. You get up, throw on a robe, and go to see who it is.

“Oh, Hi!” It’s your girlfriend’s best friend.

“Hey, come on in, Rachel’s still sleeping,” you say, inviting her in and closing the door. You’ve always found her rather hot — and rather slutty. She’s wearing a black sundress that is pretty fucking short. She is undoubtedly sexy but also roams around in these revealing outfits, not to mention the kind of remarks she makes. She’s a complete whore. And you love it.

“Oh, she’s still sleeping, huh?”


“Open your mouth, now!” she says and you comply. She spits into your mouth and kisses your lips to make sure you swallow it.

“Just a little teaser, fuck boy,” she says with a wink, before going into your bedroom. You follow her with a grin. This is going to be fun.

Monica sits beside your naked, sleeping girlfriend. Just when you think she’s going to wake her up gently, she spits on her face. Your girlfriend jumps up in bed and her friend is on the floor, laughing. Her dress has hiked up her legs, showing off her white cotton panties.

“Oh, you bitch!” your girlfriend says, jumping on top of her friend. You watch them wrestle for a bit before Rachel pins Monica down. She spits on her face but her best friend opens her mouth, taking it inside. She swallows it and says, “Delicious!”

They both start giggling and caressing each other. You take off your robe, revealing your naked erection, and the girls are impressed.

“Yeah, I definitely want to choke on that dick,” Monica says. You don’t want to deprive her. You kneel in front of where her head is on the floor. You bend over, pointing your cock into her mouth, and push inside. You’re impressed — this girl can take it deep. But you’re hung so soon she’s choking and gagging and coughing up spit which trails up her face. You keep throat-fucking her. Meanwhile, your girlfriend is right in front of you. She takes her fingers out of her pussy and pushes them into your mouth. With her other hand, she rubs herself. Her hand is making you spit up and the saliva is falling all over her friend’s dress. Things are getting exceptionally wet.

You feel you’re getting close so you pull out and get the girls to their feet. You rip off Monica’s dress and pull her in for a smooch. Then you kiss Rachel, then make the girls kiss each other. You spit on their faces and they spit on yours too, licking it off lovingly. They also lick off your spit from each other’s faces.

When you’re ready to go again, you push your girlfriend to her knees and shove your cock in her face. She knows what to do and immediately starts gagging all over your cock. Her friend, meanwhile, is passionately kissing you while you fondle her ass and she fondles yours. You notice that, with her other hand, she’s grabbing Rachel’s hair and forcing her down your dick. Your kissing gets super sloppy. You’re spitting in each other’s mouths and faces and sucking each other’s tongues.

You’re getting close and you push Monica to her knees. You pull your wet cock out of Rachel’s mouth and jerk off to their faces — with open mouths and touching cheeks. You cum copiously all over their faces. And then you spit on them too. They lick it off each other hungrily, swapping and playing a bit too.

This was excellent. And so it continues — the three of you routinely get together to fuck and spit on each other.

The End